Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Introducing Chargecards and Chargekeys...

Technology is sure fascinating. If I may say this, it occupies and dominates most people. Almost every day there is a new electronic gadget models and new tech ideas. But what is intriguing is that which one stands out the best? Well, the answer differs the various gadget users. I am an apple user but before I became one I previously own different mobile brands. To enumerate a few - I had Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and LG. I would say that Nokia and Samsung are the most durable ones. Because as clumsy as I am I dropped both phones several times (in water and on the ground - was even ran over by the neighbours car inside my bag of course) but it didn't break at all. Still working fine and in pieces after few mishandling. About the Motorola, well, it went down to the Loo and that was it really - it died on me. Lg, I didn't find it user-friendly at all so I had to give it away to one of my siblings. Then I previously owned an iPhone 3gs but the internal speaker got damaged after my son dropped it in the sink. And currently I am using iPhone 5 but I dislike the fact that the battery life seems getting shorter everyday. It maybe because of my time usage as well as the hundreds of apps installed in it. It can get really annoying especially when you just fully charged it and in an hour later you suddenly out of battery. Much more when you are in that moment of capturing a very important event and the next thing you know it's already dead-batt. Ah, its really that frustrating! But thank goodness to those genius mind behind this great invention of the portable chargecards and chargekeys for introducing and selling via Amazon. It is therefore solved the dilemma I have with the battery life of my phone.

 Like last weekend when we were out of the town and as always I forgotten to pack my charger and as surprised as I am (goldfish) to actually remember that I have this portable chargecard with me in my wallet until the husband mentioned about it? Not to mention the chargekey as well? Whew! I am double blessed, yeah? It really cheered me up upon knowing that a back-up chargers was all there ready when I need it. A million thanks to Nomad Goods UK for making it possible and bringing it in the UK. What is great about these product is that it is small and fits easy in my wallet or you can either have the chargekeys if you prefer. Yes, it is indeed relaxing, helpful and a relief to know that there are such things that comes so handy in the moment of frustration. Oh, did I mention that it is also available for android users? Well, just check it out in Amazon when you can. It's an absolute worth every penny - I highly suggest it! 

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