Sunday, 3 August 2014

My latest iPad Case ❤️

Of all my iPad cases this one stand out the best. Glad to have found a very reliable site that does all this personalise collage for gadget cases. Because, not only they do various cases for iPad but as well as for iPhones, laptops and other smart mobile brands. Basically, the photos I've chosen was the highlight for the first four months of this year and I find it really cool. By the way, you can also have your collage photos printed back and front unless you chose a white colour like I did as they only print the collage at the  back which is fine for me. And to be honest, I love my new case and  I'm pondering to order another one for our mini iPad and iphones. Anyway, after days of using this case I remembered that some of my friend asked where I got it? I apologised for t took me this long to gratefully published this awesome online shop called  'Mr Nutcase' or if you'd all prefer. And I do hope you will take a look and start designing your very own and personalise iPad or iPhone case. Enjoy!!!