Thursday, 20 March 2014

Technology at its finest..

Its amazing how technology can bring us another finest and most outstanding gadget of the year. I'm still in total awe. This is not the end and I'm quite excited of what they could come up next. That we don't know. I really can't keep up anymore with the latest television. But I must say I wouldn't mind having one at home. But, don't we all? One could only hope ;).  This Samsung UE85S9STXXU Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD 85' is the current and ultimate top of the range. It has ultra HD picture which is 4 times the resolution of HD. It has a Quad Core Processor, App store and catch up TV and of course many exciting and fancy features that you can play around for hours. Many are drooling for this television and my husband is of them. But can blame him. Well, it only costs in the region of 35K ;). Ouuuuuccccccch!!

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