Friday, 15 March 2013

40% of Hubby's income and bonuses goes to taxman

You've got a lump sum came to your account! the bank rang us after hubby's annual bonus deposited to his accountGosh, I've had so much excitement this week, enthralled to bits, and surely this piece of news tops everything. The only negative news is that the tax man will get 40% of it. Good? NOT!! But still we regularly count our blessings :) Though, it could have been more useful for us if 40% is not subjected for taxation. Well that is how we pay taxes in here and that's what they called 'tax band' where we unfortunately hit the worst. We don't get a single penny from government and yet we pay 40% tax. It's so unfair, huh? So yeah, 6K of hubby's annual bonus goes to the government! All we hope is that, they'll spend it on important things rather than to their unnecessary expenditures like they've always spent in the past. Hence, the economic crisis and the country's struggles to getting up from its huge debts. 

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Raleigh Firms

CE Thorn CPA is the place to go if you are planning or already have a small venture going on. It's the firm that you fully trust to carry legal papers for your businesses whether it is big or small. It is truly understandable to be in doubt when searching for fully qualified public accountant but I can tell you that this Lawyers at Raleigh are the one to trust for all your business and financial affairs. They can surely help you with any of these; bookkeeping, financial statements & tax preparation both to individual or small businesses. Anyway, why not read their testimonials and satisfied clients feedbacks now? Well, I hope you find this helpful :)

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Big Bang Theory

I'm honestly super addicted to this programme that I wouldn't miss a single episode. I got hooked to this after I was introduced by my significant other. So we record episodes if we are not home so that we can watch it as soon as we get back from running errands. Another programme that we like is the Modern Family and oh it's just way too hilarious. I can't stop myself cackling when watching these tv shows - it always make my day especially watching it with my behalf, it is like a pure stress reliever :) Good shows if not great and I highly recommend it! Kudos to the writer!!