Thursday, 28 November 2013


I can smell Christmas, do you? Well, I haven't even put up our tree yet. My husband and I agreed that we will put our tree up in the end of Nov or first week of Dec and I guess we will have ours by next week. I was not going to celebrate Christmas due to what happen back in my country. But I realised that my kids don't really understand whats going or they are still too young to understand the whole situation. Therefore, we decided to bring the positive vibes in the house. Life must go on! But that doesn't mean we will forget what they (fellow Filipino's) are going through lately. They will be in my prayers always and that they'll be blessed with strength to carry on life, come what may!

Anyway, Christmas is drawing near and I've told my kids they can only write few lists to Father Christmas as he will probably busy giving presents to the kids who needs things utmost. My daughter's wishlist is this, a classic piano for sale at guitar center but I guess it can wait until she finish her lesson or when she pass her 2nd grading piano test. It is quite tempted though especially its sale, she could practice it better before she'll play this Christmas for their school musical night.

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