Thursday, 28 November 2013

A proper vacation planning is a must!

Florida is the most mention place I heard over and over again. Not only I want to visit the place but I also want to move up there. Wish, wish, wish! Weather wise, it is ideal, warm and kinda tropical. But first of all, I'd love to visit the sunshine state to see and feel it myself. To see its crystal clear blue water beaches and many other attractions such as night life, restaurants, shopping malls and places. I'd love to experience surfing in Miami and be a princess in Disney World too. Do I sound like a child? Yes, it is indeed one of my dream. But of course we got to start saving up for flights, accommodations and food. Though finding good deals for florida hotels might not be so easy but I'm pretty sure we will find a way. Here's few tips I learn over the years; booking early is a great way to save, proper vacation planning, as well as lists all the places we want to see. Yes, we are hoping to fulfill this dream of ours very soon. That is why I am starting to look out for a low cost holidays lately. With a family of five I think its wise to stick with the budget although it is not bad to have extra cash with us for just emergency spending or for some treats. We all know what its like to be a kid. They are a total nightmare when it comes to gift shops and wouldn't take NO for an answer. And since it is a holiday, we can't control them especially when it is only once a year trip abroad. Now, we understand how necessary it is to plan and save up beforehand. A right amount of pocket money is a must to really enjoy a family holiday so that we don't end up in debts afterwards. 

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