Friday, 7 June 2013

Exciting school clubs...

 Weather has been so lovely lately. Its my kind of summer really and I bet it's everyone's too. I'm in my best mood for the last 2 weeks, thanked goodness for the sunshine! I hope to God the weather stays as it is because the banalabs (husband) will be away for 8 days next week. So, me and the kids will be commuting whole week next week. But they love school so they don't mind going in the bus. They hate skipping school. It is kind of inevitable with the number of fun activities they provided them each day. Like many kids, it made my two look forward to each day of the week. Who wouldn't? They are spoiled with choices of school clubs like piano lesson, violin, trumpet, drum and many other music related courses. Some are free and some are not. And oh the they even introduced the kids Zumba which my 7 yo love the most. All these options given are definitely making the kids getting excited going to school everyday. I must say that they couldn't have chosen a better music instrument. Imagine having one of the  cme keyboard? For the kids, it is heaven! Definitely, a money well spent!

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