Friday, 28 June 2013

New Microwave...

After 10 years, this microwave has finally gave up on us. I was a little saddened because I like it a lot. And the reason is that, it is less complicated than any other microwave out there. I don't like complicated machine because it will just end up in the cupboard as i can't be bother reading manual or instructions. But as the husband promise he'll get me one as easy to operate like this which he did after few days of searching online. And surprisingly I embraced the changes as quickly as I'd thought I would. And yeah, there maybe more buttons to play around and complicate things out of me but I'll take it regardless. Because, I can't possibly wait another week without this handy machine. It does makes my life a lot easier and simpler. Whether we admit it or not, life wouldn't be the same without microwave, right? 

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