Friday, 28 June 2013

Wonderfully played and portrayed...

Before, I really wonder if this tube amp would make all music club/school any better. I know that it plays a big part to it. But is it worth investment an expensive music instrument? All these questions were finally answered tonight after witnessing a brilliant school play. And yes it is such a good investment to any school that run musical group. Just like what I've seen tonight in my daughters school play where they've been generously supplied with top rated music gears that have given a huge impact to the entire play.. It made all the scene and backgroud music more distinguish, realistic and super thrilling. Honestly, I had goosebumps upon watching the play. Ah, it was a total of perfection. I personally think that all year 6 are such a talented bunch - they definitely did awesome job tonight 👍👍👍👍🇬🇧❤❤😊.

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New Microwave...

After 10 years, this microwave has finally gave up on us. I was a little saddened because I like it a lot. And the reason is that, it is less complicated than any other microwave out there. I don't like complicated machine because it will just end up in the cupboard as i can't be bother reading manual or instructions. But as the husband promise he'll get me one as easy to operate like this which he did after few days of searching online. And surprisingly I embraced the changes as quickly as I'd thought I would. And yeah, there maybe more buttons to play around and complicate things out of me but I'll take it regardless. Because, I can't possibly wait another week without this handy machine. It does makes my life a lot easier and simpler. Whether we admit it or not, life wouldn't be the same without microwave, right? 

Excited to go back to study...👍

Becks Books came across my mind just after I've sent my college application last night. I'm crossing my fingers that there is not that many queue for the course I wanted to take as I've heard from a friend that she has been on the waiting lists for quite sometime now. I have been planning this for a while now and gladly I had the guts to finally apply. Yes, I've actually applied and I am quite anxious for the their reply. With that said, I'd probably need more time to prepare myself and other bits and bobs which include textbook and such. I've put down two courses so one or another I'll certainly be accepted or else they can offer me another options. Wow, I'm feeling excited to be back to studying. I can't wait to start :) xx

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Exciting school clubs...

 Weather has been so lovely lately. Its my kind of summer really and I bet it's everyone's too. I'm in my best mood for the last 2 weeks, thanked goodness for the sunshine! I hope to God the weather stays as it is because the banalabs (husband) will be away for 8 days next week. So, me and the kids will be commuting whole week next week. But they love school so they don't mind going in the bus. They hate skipping school. It is kind of inevitable with the number of fun activities they provided them each day. Like many kids, it made my two look forward to each day of the week. Who wouldn't? They are spoiled with choices of school clubs like piano lesson, violin, trumpet, drum and many other music related courses. Some are free and some are not. And oh the they even introduced the kids Zumba which my 7 yo love the most. All these options given are definitely making the kids getting excited going to school everyday. I must say that they couldn't have chosen a better music instrument. Imagine having one of the  cme keyboard? For the kids, it is heaven! Definitely, a money well spent!

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