Thursday, 16 May 2013

Not just one...

Who would have thought that after protesting of buying apple product we end up having these goodies? Yes, I was not keen to add fortune to the already fortunate iconic brand. Such a shame to admit it but I love their product more than any other tablets available in the market. We got our very first tablet last year it was then followed by the blackberry play book which we find so hard to navigate and install apps. Don't get us wrong because this tablet has the most amazing picture quality but it just hard to navigate. And the other drawback is there is no Skype available yet and most of the apps that my kids likes to play when at home are not compatible too. Where as the iPads are so child friendly and easy to navigate that even a year old child can easily use it. So there we go, we are turning to be an apple slaves, lol. 

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