Thursday, 16 May 2013

Earn first before you spend...(my motto)

I have been very extravagant lately, spending my money like water but before you jump into wrong conclusion you have to know first that I only spent what I earned online. Yes, I have always find ways to finance my shopping, eversince I was a child. I have never abuse my husband's generousity. And most of the things I bought recently are for my box to send to my family in the Philippines. So, it's all for a good cause ;). Also, it makes me happy to know that every now and then I have a little something coming in, the moolahs from all the hard works I've done online! Not a lot but enough to cover my addiction like fashion and other shopping extra's that I wish to have. I love working and earning and being a Mother (with 3 young children) didn't stop me from doing it. Blogging has me occupied since I got in this country until I got a part-time job and resigned. And it is an amazing feeling to be able to contribute the family's costs of living, even in a small way. Well, all my life's I been taught the hard way that you have to work hard in order to live. Perseverance and determination can go a long way! I'm proud of myself! And for that I have the right to spend, haha. Like now, I am itching to buy this good shure se215 because I know I can just afford it as I got paid few days ago. I earned it therefore I spend it -that's how it works. Not just spending without earning, not my nature at all. There is always ways to earn even when you're a SAHM! 

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