Wednesday, 22 May 2013

There is no 2nd thought, Scotland it is...

Someone not far from me is letting me choose between going to Scotland or owning an iphone5 and I was like, what the...Well, I love both but if I have to pick one I'd rather go to Scotland and see it's beauty? That if the weather cooperates, no offense to Scottish people as I heard it is always raining up there. It's the north of North so shouldn't be a surprise at all. Nevertheless I still like to see and visit the country to complete my Great Britain invasion. [winked]..Only that I have to bring umbrella and wellington boots with me. No stilletos and open toed shoes :( - and maybe no mini skirts and showing off skin, haha. That's our plan for this bank holiday weekend coming. Exciting, eh?

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Earn first before you spend...(my motto)

I have been very extravagant lately, spending my money like water but before you jump into wrong conclusion you have to know first that I only spent what I earned online. Yes, I have always find ways to finance my shopping, eversince I was a child. I have never abuse my husband's generousity. And most of the things I bought recently are for my box to send to my family in the Philippines. So, it's all for a good cause ;). Also, it makes me happy to know that every now and then I have a little something coming in, the moolahs from all the hard works I've done online! Not a lot but enough to cover my addiction like fashion and other shopping extra's that I wish to have. I love working and earning and being a Mother (with 3 young children) didn't stop me from doing it. Blogging has me occupied since I got in this country until I got a part-time job and resigned. And it is an amazing feeling to be able to contribute the family's costs of living, even in a small way. Well, all my life's I been taught the hard way that you have to work hard in order to live. Perseverance and determination can go a long way! I'm proud of myself! And for that I have the right to spend, haha. Like now, I am itching to buy this good shure se215 because I know I can just afford it as I got paid few days ago. I earned it therefore I spend it -that's how it works. Not just spending without earning, not my nature at all. There is always ways to earn even when you're a SAHM! 

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Not just one...

Who would have thought that after protesting of buying apple product we end up having these goodies? Yes, I was not keen to add fortune to the already fortunate iconic brand. Such a shame to admit it but I love their product more than any other tablets available in the market. We got our very first tablet last year it was then followed by the blackberry play book which we find so hard to navigate and install apps. Don't get us wrong because this tablet has the most amazing picture quality but it just hard to navigate. And the other drawback is there is no Skype available yet and most of the apps that my kids likes to play when at home are not compatible too. Where as the iPads are so child friendly and easy to navigate that even a year old child can easily use it. So there we go, we are turning to be an apple slaves, lol. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Online shopping made it all easy...

Online shopping made everything possible these days and thanks goodness to whom invented it. If it weren't for those people I would have find life a lot harder especially when doing grocery shopping. I have ours delivered occasionally especially when the husband is away. Pretty much everything I'll do online that's because it is such a struggle getting out the house with my toddler. I know a lot of mother can relate to this especially to those mother who have infants. What more is that, browsing online is more fun and relaxing, no queue's to deal with and no other hoarders to bump into. So, if any of you looking to buy any zinger winger for your dog's perfect training equipment then I suggest you do it online. You may have to pay extra cost for the delivery but it's all worth it. 

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