Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Twice as more...

Yesterday my husband mentioned about how he is head hunt at LinkedIn. Not the first time though as he was head hunt already before since he joined in and made an account at this website. But Yesterday was more tempting because he was offered twice as much as he earns now plus bonuses. Wow! I was shocked that I nearly fell out my chair. Because, with that amount of money we could finance the kids school fees without me having to work. We could afford to go to holidays and can still spare for emergencies. However, he is only a year old in the current company he work and his principle is to stays within the company for at least 3 years because it will increase an even more job opportunity in the future. Bare in mind, good referrals from previous company is always useful. So, he didn't turn down the offer but told them instead that maybe in couple years time he might be interested. He also believed that if there is a proposal like that now, there will be more later on. Life is good, unpredictable and exciting and we can't be more grateful for all these possible blessings that came our way.

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