Friday, 22 February 2013

Thumbs up to Kelly Brook :)

Apparently the horrible Katie Price attacked model/actress Kelly brook by saying she is a heffer in a bikini. Don't know what exactly that means but it surely got Brook fuming with anger. With that said, she calmly defend herself by simply saying that 'she's happy to look naturally stunning and hasn't undergone any surgery'. [(Y)] And that she is proud to be 'Curvy'. And Kelly added more quoting ' I eat and don't spend my life going to the gym or having surgery. I just approach life in a much more natural way." And honestly admitted that she is not interested in anything plastic. Whew! That's my kind of woman! [winked]. Also she said that "Faces with too much filler look horrible. So many girls do it as a quick fix and it just makes you look older." Quite right too! I don't know why other people seems not satisfied what God has given them. Yes, they have loads of money to pay for it and it's their choice but they should leave other women that also choses not to be skin-bone or go for any surgery just to make themselves skinny. Life is but choice! It's just the matter of choices!  Why can't we just be happy for each other? That would make life a lot easier, right? 

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