Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Last Friday I went to a friend's house spending the afternoon eating and chit-chatting. It was such a perfect day for visiting her as it was the kids half-term. In the middle of our conversation came the sad news in Russia in regards of meteorites landed out there and injured hundreds of people. Her husband mentioned about it could be a sign that the world is going to end and the pope could be the last pope ever. I didn't disagree or agree but I know that sooner or later HE will come. It just the matter of us being ready. I am not and I am trying to figure out how can I be ready? I am totally a sinner and I commit sins every seconds no doubt with that. I do pray and ask for forgiveness but would it be enough? Anyway, besides that meteorites landed in Russia there was this asteroids that came too close to the earth and that was undoubtedly worrying, right? Tell ME, who isn't worried? If it will land on earth that will surely be our end. The question is, are we all ready? NOT! So, please bare a second in everyday of your life, pray and repent! I am trying and I'll hope to carry on trying!  

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