Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sieves or Sift

Was wondering what sieves is for a minute until I click the site. Didn't realise that is another term of sift, lol. Here it is what I found on Wikipedia...sieve, or sifter, separates wanted elements from unwanted material using a woven screen such as a mesh or net. However, in cooking, especially with flour, a sifter is used to aerate the substance, among other things. Ha, I was a little dumbo here not knowing what this thing is all about, lol. Now, I know and I suggest that you look up to the link above to get a highly manufactured sieves. Having said that, I actually need one of these because at the moment I am still using a very old sifter which I got it the day I got here in UK. Well, having another set would not hurt my pocket. Since it is very useful in a daily basis in my kitchen. One thing I love about this sieves is they are made of metal and quite affordable too. 

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