Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cigar, cigar and more Cigar

My husband finally agreed with the plan I came across in starting a little online venture. I found the perfect wholesale where I can get my stocks cheaply and sell it on eBay or at Amazon with a little profit. I might also try to buy cao cigars and see how it is like then perhaps look for a cheaper stockholder source around online and add it to my selling items. Oh we'll at first I'll try kids accessories, props, cosmetics and clothing as well as fragrances then I'll see which one that sell the best. Well, it's good to also sell varieties and did I mention that a friend of mine is interested to join in with me? Again, hope it works. It is just something I can mind while my little one still on a half day in school. Who knows it might do well then I don't need to look for a job in the future ;)

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