Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cigar, cigar and more Cigar

My husband finally agreed with the plan I came across in starting a little online venture. I found the perfect wholesale where I can get my stocks cheaply and sell it on eBay or at Amazon with a little profit. I might also try to buy cao cigars and see how it is like then perhaps look for a cheaper stockholder source around online and add it to my selling items. Oh we'll at first I'll try kids accessories, props, cosmetics and clothing as well as fragrances then I'll see which one that sell the best. Well, it's good to also sell varieties and did I mention that a friend of mine is interested to join in with me? Again, hope it works. It is just something I can mind while my little one still on a half day in school. Who knows it might do well then I don't need to look for a job in the future ;)

Big day is coming so soon...

In a week's time it's going to be a big day for me and I'm so anxious with both 'the taking it and the result'. Yes it is partly exciting and nerve-racking and with the positive thoughts that after this I can be all free. Yeah! My nerves is shaking since the day I decided to give it a go knowing that I only have less than a month preparing for it but I believe I can do just fine. Fingers cross and please wish me all the best! I know it is so rush and so unusual length of preparation even my friends were shock that I'm really risking it as they normally give it 6 months to a year to prepare. But I have no choice anymore. I'll rather try and fail or to not trying at all. If I do fail at least I have another chance before they'll bring in the new rules. So I'm all set, I think ;) xx

Piano for the kids

I may sound like an old tape for i kept repeating myself regarding of how good my daughter's piano ability and that I'm very proud! Also, I noticed that her vocal developed as she got older and can sing in tune now, lol. I hear her often plays her keyboard and sing along with it which always make me smile. That is why me and hubby is pondering on investing a grand electric piano for the kids to grow up with. It's nice for a household to have one as it becomes traditional. Well that's how we really see things together. But it would be delightful if we can find one that we both like in brand and in price. So, we are looking round and might take a while as we like getting it in the right price.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

15 things you should give up in order to be happy

1. Give up your need to always be right
2. Give up your need for control
3. Give up on blame
4. Give up your self-defeating self-talk
5. Give up your limiting beliefs
6. Give up complaining
7. Give up the luxury of criticism
8. Give up your need to impress others
9. Give up your resistance to change
10. Give up labels
11. Give up on your fears
12. Give up your excuses
13. Give up the past
14. Give up attachment
15. Give up living your life to other people’s expectations

Content of my box

I am in the process of sending my first package of the year. I am over half-way and still has many stuff I plan to put in. But that will after the bike and the tv stand. I'm currently looking for packing materials that will keep this specific stuff in pieces. The problem would be I don't really want the all the shoes get squash so had to make sure I have enough foam and bubbles to wrap around it. The tv stand will be the most challenging. I really hope it'll arrive there without breaking any pieces. But if it do, it will not be the end of the world. Ah, still have boxes of outgrown clothes from my kids. Plus all the new stuff I recently bought. I don't think it will all fit in a super Jumbo box. Should have ordered two but perhaps save the left over for next time, lol. Anyway, it should be ready to be pick in 2 weeks time. Exciting!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Thumbs up to Kelly Brook :)

Apparently the horrible Katie Price attacked model/actress Kelly brook by saying she is a heffer in a bikini. Don't know what exactly that means but it surely got Brook fuming with anger. With that said, she calmly defend herself by simply saying that 'she's happy to look naturally stunning and hasn't undergone any surgery'. [(Y)] And that she is proud to be 'Curvy'. And Kelly added more quoting ' I eat and don't spend my life going to the gym or having surgery. I just approach life in a much more natural way." And honestly admitted that she is not interested in anything plastic. Whew! That's my kind of woman! [winked]. Also she said that "Faces with too much filler look horrible. So many girls do it as a quick fix and it just makes you look older." Quite right too! I don't know why other people seems not satisfied what God has given them. Yes, they have loads of money to pay for it and it's their choice but they should leave other women that also choses not to be skin-bone or go for any surgery just to make themselves skinny. Life is but choice! It's just the matter of choices!  Why can't we just be happy for each other? That would make life a lot easier, right? 

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I am currently fasting and no meat for 40 days? Can I do it? Well, I will have to wait and see then I let you all know. Besides meat fasting, I'm also facebook and instagram fasting. Well, it is just very distracting  especially when I am in the middle of processing important papers. I'm in the middle of a very serious studying. I can't possibly do it without having to switch off my networking sites. With that said, I also deleted my facebook apps and such. Hoping it will help me finish things that needed to be finish such as designing cards for Easters, checking some  envelope prints, prints some pictures for the family and etc. Anyway, I'll be back when I am all done but for the mean time blogging is what I can only manage. So I wish everyone a happy Mother's day (UK) and happy Easter!! 

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Last Friday I went to a friend's house spending the afternoon eating and chit-chatting. It was such a perfect day for visiting her as it was the kids half-term. In the middle of our conversation came the sad news in Russia in regards of meteorites landed out there and injured hundreds of people. Her husband mentioned about it could be a sign that the world is going to end and the pope could be the last pope ever. I didn't disagree or agree but I know that sooner or later HE will come. It just the matter of us being ready. I am not and I am trying to figure out how can I be ready? I am totally a sinner and I commit sins every seconds no doubt with that. I do pray and ask for forgiveness but would it be enough? Anyway, besides that meteorites landed in Russia there was this asteroids that came too close to the earth and that was undoubtedly worrying, right? Tell ME, who isn't worried? If it will land on earth that will surely be our end. The question is, are we all ready? NOT! So, please bare a second in everyday of your life, pray and repent! I am trying and I'll hope to carry on trying!  

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Sieves or Sift

Was wondering what sieves is for a minute until I click the site. Didn't realise that is another term of sift, lol. Here it is what I found on Wikipedia...sieve, or sifter, separates wanted elements from unwanted material using a woven screen such as a mesh or net. However, in cooking, especially with flour, a sifter is used to aerate the substance, among other things. Ha, I was a little dumbo here not knowing what this thing is all about, lol. Now, I know and I suggest that you look up to the link above to get a highly manufactured sieves. Having said that, I actually need one of these because at the moment I am still using a very old sifter which I got it the day I got here in UK. Well, having another set would not hurt my pocket. Since it is very useful in a daily basis in my kitchen. One thing I love about this sieves is they are made of metal and quite affordable too. 

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Well said...

This is so true and I agree 100% to this statement. Whoever wrote this, it is very well said. Oh well, just sharing this hoping it can give lessons to others out there who happen to experience such attitude ;) 

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