Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Upgrade plan

I will be upgrading in 6 months time for my contract will end. But I don't know which phone to get. I want to be more practical but I know Iphone 5 is the most advanced phone in the world and almost everyone got it. Should I go with the flow or be sensible and get another brand? If it would go down in price in 6 months then I will definitely go for it but if its stays the same then I shall just keep my old mobile and wait for another 6 more months, if not longer. Not that necessary to upgrade though especially when you have other gadgets to hang on with and that has all the bits and bobs that I need. But, I shall see by then, yeah? But if a kind heart will willingly give it to me for free I would certainly accept the offer because refusing an offer is the greatest insult, lol.

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