Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hopes and Wishes ;)

Tired of my music talk? Well, you can just browse away my page if that's the case because I can't stop myself talking about it. Especially when someone just shared some thoughts regarding fender bass at musicians friend and you can't do anything but check it out as well just out of curiosity. I quite like it though as it gives me more ideas about music gadgets and such. Bare in mind I have a child who is into music and a family who loves music. In fact, I am about to buy them the complete set of components as well as special speakers for my brother's work. Pondering a guitar for my daughter and for my little brother, a violin for my nephew and organ or keyboard for my the rest of them. It can be useful during church days like every Saturday. Yes, will surely invest for it all and hopefully to have it all complete before the end of this year.

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