Friday, 18 January 2013

Change of layout soon...

Now that it's been a while since I last change this blog website template I felt like it need a revamping. And I really fancy a new template. I might purchase a new one soon. Nah, if only I have more time than used to. My kids truly occupies me all day, 24/7 especially my little one who constantly bossing me around. I can't wait for him to start playgroup but at the same time I like to freeze time (if given a chance) because they seem to grow faster these days. Yes, just have to savour every seconds with them, right? Anyway, back to my blog layout, I shall do it later if not soon. Not tomorrow for sure or on the weekends as I'm pretty much book for our family outing. Not next week either as I'll be busy everyday taking my kids to school as well as picking them up. Oh well, for sure I'll make time for it. When I fancy things I know I'll get it in due course.

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