Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hopes and Wishes ;)

Tired of my music talk? Well, you can just browse away my page if that's the case because I can't stop myself talking about it. Especially when someone just shared some thoughts regarding fender bass at musicians friend and you can't do anything but check it out as well just out of curiosity. I quite like it though as it gives me more ideas about music gadgets and such. Bare in mind I have a child who is into music and a family who loves music. In fact, I am about to buy them the complete set of components as well as special speakers for my brother's work. Pondering a guitar for my daughter and for my little brother, a violin for my nephew and organ or keyboard for my the rest of them. It can be useful during church days like every Saturday. Yes, will surely invest for it all and hopefully to have it all complete before the end of this year.

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Upgrade plan

I will be upgrading in 6 months time for my contract will end. But I don't know which phone to get. I want to be more practical but I know Iphone 5 is the most advanced phone in the world and almost everyone got it. Should I go with the flow or be sensible and get another brand? If it would go down in price in 6 months then I will definitely go for it but if its stays the same then I shall just keep my old mobile and wait for another 6 more months, if not longer. Not that necessary to upgrade though especially when you have other gadgets to hang on with and that has all the bits and bobs that I need. But, I shall see by then, yeah? But if a kind heart will willingly give it to me for free I would certainly accept the offer because refusing an offer is the greatest insult, lol.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Change of layout soon...

Now that it's been a while since I last change this blog website template I felt like it need a revamping. And I really fancy a new template. I might purchase a new one soon. Nah, if only I have more time than used to. My kids truly occupies me all day, 24/7 especially my little one who constantly bossing me around. I can't wait for him to start playgroup but at the same time I like to freeze time (if given a chance) because they seem to grow faster these days. Yes, just have to savour every seconds with them, right? Anyway, back to my blog layout, I shall do it later if not soon. Not tomorrow for sure or on the weekends as I'm pretty much book for our family outing. Not next week either as I'll be busy everyday taking my kids to school as well as picking them up. Oh well, for sure I'll make time for it. When I fancy things I know I'll get it in due course.

Tennis Ranking top 100

 1 Whew! My idol still number 2. But also like the top seed ;) 

Novak DjokovicSerbia12920 
 2 -Roger FedererSwitzerland10265 
 3 -Andy MurrayScotland8000 
 4 -Rafael NadalSpain6600 
 5 -David FerrerSpain6505 
 6 -Tomas BerdychCzech Republic4680 
 7 -Juan Martin del PotroArgentina4480 
 8 -Jo-Wilfried TsongaFrance3375 
 9 -Janko TipsarevicSerbia3090 
 10 -Richard GasquetFrance2720 
 11 -Nicolas AlmagroSpain2515 
 12 -Juan MonacoArgentina2430 
 13 -John IsnerUnited States2215 
 14 -Marin CilicCroatia2210 
 15 -Milos RaonicCanada2175 
 16 -Gilles SimonFrance2145 
 17 -Stanislas WawrinkaSwitzerland1900 
 18 -Kei NishikoriJapan1870 
 19 -Philipp KohlschreiberGermany1770 
 20 -Alexandr DolgopolovUkraine1750 
 21 -Tommy HaasGermany1681 
 22 -Sam QuerreyUnited States1650 
 23 -Andreas SeppiItaly1560 
 24 -Fernando VerdascoSpain1490 
 25 -Mikhail YouzhnyRussia1335 
 26 -Jerzy JanowiczPoland1299 
 27 -Mardy FishUnited States1255 
 28 -Florian MayerGermany1215 
 29 -Jurgen MelzerAustria1177 
 30 -Martin KlizanSlovakia1175 
 31 -Kevin AndersonSouth Africa1170 
 32 -Marcel GranollersSpain1125 
 33 -Thomaz BellucciBrazil1112 
 34 -Radek StepanekCzech Republic1090 
 35 -Marcos BaghdatisCyprus1070 
 36 -Jeremy ChardyFrance1063 
 37 -Viktor TroickiSerbia1030 
 38 -Julien BenneteauFrance1015 
 39 -Andy RoddickUnited States1015 
 40 -Nikolay DavydenkoRussia1015 
 41 -Grigor DimitrovBulgaria1008 
 42 -Feliciano LopezSpain1005 
 43 -Bernard TomicAustralia985 
 44 -Lukas LackoSlovakia917 
 45 -Pablo AndujarSpain915 
 46 -Benoit PaireFrance900 
 47 -Fabio FogniniItaly880 
 48 -Marinko MatosevicAustralia845 
 49 -David GoffinBelgium843 
 50 -Denis IstominUzbekistan840 
 51 -Albert RamosSpain830 
 52 -Michael LlodraFrance823 
 53 -Robin HaaseNetherlands800 
 54 -Alejandro FallaColombia796 
 55 -Xavier MalisseBelgium791 
 56 -Roberto Bautista-AgutSpain786 
 57 -Brian BakerUnited States776 
 58 -Grega ZemljaSlovenia770 
 59 -Paolo LorenziItaly769 
 60 -Paul-Henri MathieuFrance763 
 61 -Yen-hsun LuChinese Taipei759 
 62 -Ryan HarrisonUnited States754 
 63 -Victor HanescuRomania753 
 64 -Santiago GiraldoColombia743 
 65 -Igor SijslingNetherlands738 
 66 -Benjamin BeckerGermany733 
 67 -Horacio ZeballosArgentina725 
 68 -Carlos BerlocqArgentina720 
 69 -Gilles MullerLuxembourg714 
 70 -Jarkko NieminenFinland710 
 71 -Daniel Gimeno-TraverSpain704 
 72 -Leonardo MayerArgentina702 
 73 -Go SoedaJapan701 
 74 -Ivan DodigCroatia692 
 75 -Lukas RosolCzech Republic679 
 76 -Lukasz KubotPoland675 
 77 -Aljaz BedeneSlovenia673 
 78 -Bjorn PhauGermany672 
 79 -Andrey KuznetsovRussia660 
 80 -Simone BolelliItaly658 
 81 -Lleyton HewittAustralia645 
 82 -Evgeny DonskoyRussia637 
 83 -David NalbandianArgentina635 
 84 -Tatsuma ItoJapan633 
 85 -Guillermo Garcia-LopezSpain624 
 86 -Gael MonfilsFrance600 
 87 -Filippo VolandriItaly582 
 88 -Jesse LevineCanada580 
 89 -Jurgen ZoppEstonia579 
 90 -Tobias KamkeGermany577 
 91 -Ruben Ramirez HidalgoSpain577 
 92 -Guillaume RufinFrance574 
 93 -Michael RussellUnited States569 
 94 -Blaz KavcicSlovenia569 
 95 -Flavio CipollaItaly568 
 96 -Albert MontanesSpain565 
 97 -Guido PellaArgentina564 
 98 -Steve DarcisBelgium561 
 99 -Adrian UngurRomania557 
 100 -Joao SousaPortugal552 

source: yahoo news
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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Night owl

What's up with this carriage bolt I came on bumping with while browsing online? Oh well, this is the result of being a night owl. Yes, I'm becoming so nocturnal lately and no wonder why I get this coughed over and over again. I need a decent sleep and rest and I could only gain that if I will train myself to go to bed earlier at night not 2 or 3 in the morning, lol. Like right now, it is already half past 1 am and still am here wide awake waiting for the snow to finally fall on my forehead, lol. I really need to go to bed right now but online tasks are all due so I'm delaying my bedtime once again. I have only myself to blame for this sleep deprived I am currently experiencing because I had all the time in the world to do my work but here instead waited for last freaking minute to finally do it. Oh well, lesson learnt. Just have to motivate myself next time ;)

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Business tips

Setting a business is not as easy as you think it is. It is a serious stuff and it's like gambling your money. If you don't do it right, you could lose or if you do it right you could be gaining a lot more. So, if you are thinking to start a business you have to do it right. It takes time but it is sure worth the wait. Here are the steps for a successful business:

1. Go beyond the business plan.

2. Test your idea.

3. Know the market.

4. Understand your future customer.

5. Establish cash resources.
6. Choose the right business structure.

For the complete details you can find it from this link

Decorative Moss

Who would have thought that there such thing as decorative moss ? Well, there is indeed and in fact it is pretty unique. I haven't seen such but I am thoroughly surprised how inviting it is that I even thought of getting one just to a bit of green in my conservatory. Would be perfect to go as my centerpiece in the table. This is made with faux moss so I don't need to worry that it will breed insects inside the house. It actually looks like a broccoli, don't you think? Oh well, as I've said above, it is pretty unique and I think this could add colours to my conservatory. Alsol, great for living room too or kitchen or any way you like to decorate it. I just find it too cool.

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