Friday, 21 September 2012

Custom fit Ford seats

If you own a ford car and you think it has the most uncomfortable seat then you might want to consider ordering a custom made fit car seat in order for you to enjoy driving especially the long hours one. I exactly know the feeling to be driving in a soggy or not so comfy seat as I've experienced it before while driving in my car all the way down to the North province of Cebu. Oh, how painful and tiring it was. This is way back when I was still living in the Philippines. Yes, I've drove in Philippines for more than a year so, I can definitely relate to any of you out there who moaned and groaned endlessly about an uncomfortable car seat. Now, think no longer and decide sooner to get your car seat back into it's new and most comfortable condition by simply changing it into one of these wide choices of  f150 seat covers that are design for your comforts and style to any ford car models you own. Added to that, you can also pick from different materials such as; genuine leather, fabric, sheepskin, velour, microfiber and a lot more. Prices also varies with the materials use. So, what are you waiting? Get your car seat change and ready in time for your long drive this coming half-term to wherever you may plan to go with your whole crew. Always think first of your comforts!

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Why do Policemen used horses?

Apparently it is more controllable than a car as well as easy to run after robbers and other violent people. It is even better in the small narrow road and streets where car's struggles to get in. Not only that, horses are a lot taller so Policemen can easily look up far beyond what a car can see. Horses are just like dogs when it comes to helping law enforcement perform their job better. That is why such animals has been used in patrolling crimes for centuries as it is known as the fastest and surest form of transportation the policemen can have for many years specifically for rural and metropolitan areas. Anyway, I took this picture as part of our London 2012 Olympic park experienced. I was with the family and friends on the 30th of August. And yes, I was just as fascinated as other people in the village upon seeing policemen on horses. 

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fast track Pro Mobile USB

With my coming trip soon, I think it's best to take with me this fast track pro mobile USB as a gifts alternative for the big occasion I am attending in case I don't find any other ideas. Who knows, maybe these couple are looking for a good entry point into recording multi-track songs. If that's the case then I'll have the best gifts to give to them that they could ever wish for.  Yes, with all the good toys like Midi keyboards and drums, this is the way to go and certainly a great product for the price too. So, I guess I will inquire further about this cool fast track Pro before I commit to buy. Ah, so glad to have bumped in to this. The joy of internet browsing, right. I even fancy one for myself. The husband and kids will definitely not disagree. I can already see their faces if ever I'll surprised them with this PRO mobile USB. Well, something I could think of buying for a family Christmas present, I suppose. Too early to even thing about it, right? Sorry, I'm that advance if given a chance, haha.

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The amount of blood in Human Body

Interestingly enough, our bodies only carries this much blood, roughly about 4-5 litres, average. I was skeptical but then I took it from Natural History Museum - they wouldn't just made all this up, right? To end my doubts, I search about it and it is indeed the average amount of blood inside human's body. Yes, I am learning new things everyday and our trip to Science and History Museum was definitely educational not only to myself but for my kids as well. Surely, I've studied about human body when I was in grade school and high school but after so many years I kinda forget all about it. It's such a shame, so now I am pondering to refresh my memory.

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Gran jigsaw's marathon

  In our short summer get-away, one of our aim was to visit Granny in Devon. And we did, year after year. At 97 yrs old, (soon to be 98) I think she is doing pretty well keeping herself up and still living on her own at her 3 bedroom bungalow house. One thing that keep her entertain daily are jigsaws. I have never seen any best selection of jigsaw puzzles until I've been into her place. Apparently, it is her favourite since little and until now that fave remained even to her old age. I guess it's the only thing that kept her sanity in place. I'm really impressed of how she still managed to live alone. Though, us, her family often pay her a visit from time to time to make sure she is okay. Mind you, she is also have these 2 ladies coming every morning and evening to do her meals, washing, cleaning and all that. Anyway, our last visit, like couple weeks ago, she just started on her new 1000 pieces jigsaws. Imagine that? She can apparently complete 4-5 jigsaws in a day. Oh my, I don't know where she gets all that patience. Do you like puzzles or jigsaws? How many pieces have you tried so far? Technorati Profile

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Biggest TV yet, Sony's 84-inch HDTV is coming soon...

Have you been watching and keeping up-to-date with the technology lately? If so, then you heard the latest news about Sony Electronicsfirst TV that is capable of displaying 4K images. This is unlike any other television, Sony has finally produced a whooping 84-inch LED TV with 4K resolution that costs in the region of $24,999, and will be ships in November this year. 

Beyond the TV’s ability to scale 1080p content to 4K resolution, the XBR-84X900 also has SimulView (two-player gaming without split screens), full 3D with passive 3D glasses and large library of apps, videos and music services expected from a high-end HDTV. 

Actually, it was my husband who excitedly  told me about this staggering gadget last night. He thought it is yet the exciting television he look forward to later this year - presumably Christmas. Is that a hint, perhaps? As if I can afford such. My goodies, where would I rob such an amount? Kidding! My husband knows that it's beyond our budget though he's hoping that maybe in few years time it will come down its price. I wouldn't be surprise with the mass produce, it'll certainly be. So, what do you think? Is it a cool gadget to have or not? Would you be willing to pay $25k? If money is not a restraint my husband will certainly be in the queue.  Put it this way, this is too big that it will certainly take two thieves (if not more) to drag it out of your house!

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Friday, 7 September 2012

I'm sexy and you know it!

What else is here for me today? Have I mentioned before how much I wanted to have a custom shirts that says 'I'm sexy and you know it'? If not, then I'm announcing it now that I'm getting one and that I should wear it everyday. I love the quirky lyrics and no wonder it's a massive hit this year. Yes, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...Every time I hear this music I can't help but wiggle along with it, haha. I guess you all know what I'm talking about, right? Despite of my age, I'm still a pop sensation. After all, Age is only a number but not in mind and heart and hopefully not in the look either. Anyway, I'm hoping to get my order asap. So, I could show it off to all my readers here. Again, that's very me, a big show off. And who isn't? 

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A Royalty Car (in my dream)

As the quotes goes, 'there is no harm in dreaming' and besides, it is free to dream. Many of us would probably love to live in a dreamland. Anyway, talking about dream, I dream for this car. I know it would be far from reality but here I am carried-on dreaming. There are number of reasons why I love this cars so much. Just take a look closely of it's aura, sophisticated right? That is why it most commonly used by Royals and other elites family all over the world. Certainly one of the British pride. Picture below are cars that are own by Royalties in different countries. The estimated cost of each cars ranging from $1.0 million to the staggering $8.2 million.   One of the proud owners of these prominently featured Rolls Royce (Solid gold Rolls Royce Phantom) is a business tycoon from Gulf. Surely, he'll hire the most expensive Rolls Royce funeral car too when he pop his clog. Well, probably his family whom will presumably inherit his wealth. Alright, enough said of this expensive dream cars, now wake-up to the reality of life, aweeeeeee! 

                 Pictures below are not mine just dubbed it from the classic vehicle sites.

Just so you all know, these range of Rolls Royce cars made it to the top 15's most expensive cars of 2012-2013.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Towing Solution

I noticed the numbers of caravan holiday and mobile homes are creeping up these days. It's economically friendly after all. Cheap to run and you can move around from one places to another at anytime. When we were on the road to South last weekend, I noticed few of them wiggling along the road driving faster than they should. Should they be at least knows their speed limit to avoid such accident? Or perhaps invest into a really good gooseneck trailer hitch that will safely and securely pull the weight. Then, it is less likely to create that rather unsettling wiggles. They might not aware of it but it can be a little dangerous to the motorist behind them or beside their lanes. To own such, one must know the rules and the safety precautions on the road. I should think they knows but just being stubborn enough to ignore the fact. Oh well...

Mirror Television for a fancy household

How do you like having a mirror television in the comfort of your own home? If you can afford it then why not? It is basically saving your space but not money of course as it cost fortune. Now, we're talking. You have to be loaded enough to piss away your money to this sort of gadget. We are only talking about in the region of £3000 from a small screen? Oh yeah? I'm afraid it's beyond our wildest dream - but still it's nice to dream. Oh well, you could probably find something cheaper however, installing this gadget will add up to your cost. But isn't it cool? Such thing would look so much neater in any household.

It's a mirror when you don't use it, obviously, haha.

We fancy it but who don't? 

You can even have any frame of your choice. Ah, talking about high-tech, eh?
P.S. Not my photos just took them from the mirror television website.
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