Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Music lesson this coming school term...

We just got a letter from the kids school and its all about the school activities time table that are available to grab. Most of it are not free especially the music lessons. Among the choices are; recorder, flute, violin, guitar, drum, piano and many more. We know what our daughter really wants and this time we make sure she get a place for it. It'll be costly but she's worth it. We are not sure what our 6 yo would want to learn. Drum would be the best bet but I think he is likely to go for guitar as it's what most of his friends joined in. Oh, talking about musical things, we kinda need to get a new amplifier parts real soon. Something is wrong with our one down in living room and hubby sound so certain of what it is that need replacing. So, he'll be shopping for it sometime this week. Technorati Profile

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

just a dream business

If money wasn't an issue, I probably have started my dream business back home. Investing into properties and private transportation is what I am dreaming for many years now. It will be a good business once you have all the financial needed of course. Hubby and I agreed that one day we will make it come true. But that won't be until the kids finish their schooling. For now, our priorities are set on them and nothing else. Mind you, we will soon be having 3 school kids and that will definitely make us tighter even more. But we have our life here in Britain and so are the kids. We can't be more fortunate to have all our basic needs (food,shelter and clothing) and that's the important thing. Therefore, all that business plan back in my homeland can always wait for the right time. It's free to dream! For now, I'm afraid it will stay like that, just a dream and maybe for quite a long time unless of course I will win the lottery. But couldn't bank on it because I've never gamble and didn't plan to start. Technorati Profile

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The new Soap I'm addicted too...

I have started to watched few Filipino TV soap online and kind of stopped somewhere in the middle because of so many twisting around the story plot which makes it more annoying and leave the viewers bored and no choice but to stop watching it. It's what I do all the time, I can't stand twisting around too much with the script. Some scenes are exciting and somewhere in the middle are completely boring and out of the story plot. But, I have finished one already which is from the Channel 7 entitled 'Broken Vow' in which I thought the story was straight to the point and really was a pleasure to watched it through the end. And lately, I'm getting engrossed with this new 'Kapuso love story soap entitled ' Kasalanan bang Ibigan Ka' starred by Michael de Mesa, Jacky Rice and Geoff Eigenman. It's a well-written script and believable though another heavy drama that always end up me in tears every episode and which we all like, right? It's a good lung exercise, haha. Technorati Profile

Not a gadget man...

We have been visited by quite a bunch of friends and family since we've move. We felt so blessed and happy. But the funniest one was when my Father in-law came to visit us and that was few weeks ago. He got lost and drove around for hours and couldn't find our house. He was getting a little annoyed for he wasn't able to find our house number and since it's been written also in a small letters, it would be so impossible for him to see. Though, we stressed that if he get one of these fleet gps he wouldn't have got lost. Why on earth high-tech don't seem to sink in with him? Well, he just can't help himself, he simply hates gadgets. Even he don't consider having a mobile phone. It seems strange, it would make his life a lot easier. Technorati Profile

Business plans

I have been thinking a lot of things lately and most of it is how I start a business. I'm not a kind of person who gets really bored and thinks that a day without income is a day wasted. So, for me I have wasted a lot of time already and I can't add to it anymore. So, I have decided to start a little business while I am stay at home until I go back to work. But what could it be? I have few in minds and already got the blessings from my husband so all I need to do is make it a final. Also, need to do some more investigation and research. Wish me luck!! Technorati Profile

Saturday, 7 July 2012

So HK and Pinky

I've known many friends who have the likes of hello kitty and I'm no exception. It's a girls thing! I love it the most since when I was a kid. My daughter loves it too. Yes, what is not to like? It's cute stuff and pink. Most girls love pink and again, I'm no exception and worst because I'm madly in love with pink. Anything pink, I'll grab it when I can. Who doesn't like/love pink? Oh, I know one, Machaela - a good friend of ours. She loves blue! Technorati Profile

Boo Boos time

My eyes said, go to bed and sleep but my mind said, No, stay awake and keep going with your tasks. Honestly, I am too sleepy right now and it's no surprise because it's already pass midnight, oh just a minute to midnight. I have been sleeping a little earlier lately and it helps with my mood. So, I think it's best to finish all this online work in the morning when my mind is all fresh and rested. Okay, one last more... Technorati Profile

Friday, 6 July 2012

Pool Lighting

I have always wanted to have a pool but here in United Kingdom it is a bit useless unless you build it indoors. One, our weather is not really that warm to enjoy the outdoor pool, so not really ideal for it. Anyway, there is the big swimming pool just 2 miles away and anytime we can go dip in as long as we like and probably cost only a little and nothing to worry about maintenance at all. And what more, their pentair pool lights are great, I love the ambiance look it gives to the entire pool area, very relaxing and soothing. Well, perhaps I can have my own pool when we retire into a warmer country. Technorati Profile

It's our Friday routine...

Typical Friday night as usual, watching movie with the family where kids fell asleep halfway because the film was not their cup of tea. Well, it is a good way to make them go to sleep early then I can do all my tasks peacefully. Well, before the husband will come and nag me to watch television with him as part of our bonding. I don't really mind because I love spending time with him alone in the living room watching all our favourite TV shows as late as it can be but only after I've done all my online work of course. Is that too much to ask? Oh well, he is not making any noise yet so have to make the most of it. Technorati Profile

Learn something new...

Wondering what contractor liability insurance is? Then why not go and check it out to see what's in there for you. It always help to know things better so when we come across to it we will not sound thick. I, myself is going to read all about it and who knows it could be something I need in the long run. Great knowledge is the best weapon. We can't be to naive with all this liability insurances, right? So, let's go and dig it out. Technorati Profile


Have you heard such thing? It was actually suggested to me by a friend and from then I joined in and got so hooked with it. I love the idea and have been very active and posted many different looks, old and current. If you are interested to check or might want to join (simply just for fun) then here's my http://lookbook.nu/simonhaze143'>lookbook account, fan and I'll fan you back.

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Gotta make it colourful...

Making the house look pleasant is what I am keeping busy lately. Browsing and searching for the best home decors and accessories to embellish my place and as I do it I came across about fly sheets and thought out of trying. Ah, I need colours to beat the gloomy weather. When it's gloomy the house also looks dark and that I thought about bringing up a popping colours in the house. I have ordered new colourful bed linens because I want something different than just white. Also, tomorrow maybe I'll drag hubby out to buy more frames. Ah, I'm loving it... Technorati Profile


Yes, it did, same as my height, it shrunk as I get older. Nah, I'm talking about my Paypal balance. Though I would stress that I spent it in a good cause. In fact, I'm waiting for it to be delivered next week. I'm not that always a bad spender, most of the time I think what will be the outcome. And this time it's for the best and I'm proud of myself. At least I can now tell that as we get older we tend to get wiser. Do you agree? Technorati Profile