Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Our Apartment & house we rented back in South...

We just spent £1200 for our flat to get rid and treat the moulds. Got a phone call from the agent where we put it on and told us the exact expenses we have to pay for fixing the problem. Apparently, its the common problem for the ground floor apartments and honestly, we are getting tired of it and thinking of selling it. Lesson learnt, do not buy a ground floor apartment/flat in the future. Glad our 5 bedroom house is renting okay and that the people who rented it are willing to spend their own extra money to decorate the entire house. We are so happy about it - someone will look after our house for many years while we rent it to them. Back to our 2 bedroom flat, we do hope the people who live in it will take extra care and that they will read precautions on how to clean moulds.
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Wishes for big sissy...

As a little sister, I would wish nothing but the best for my big sis who currently in the relationship with a younger guy - apparently 8 or 9 yrs junior. She is such a wonderful woman and great mother and a lovely, loving and very kind sister who I believe deserved a great man to spend the rest of her life with. But if this young guy who will make her happy then so be it. All I can do is pray for her to have the happy life she truly deserved and a great family in the near future - that if the guy will ever propose to her though, no news and plans yet. But, if that happens then I would willingly donate a staggering diamond eternity band as their wedding gifts. I really will because I want to see my big sister settled and happy. Technorati Profile

What a contrast!

After done few tasks had to get my butt up and made snacks for the kids before took them outside in the front yard for fresh air. The moment I got out the door, I felt horribly cold even though the sun was still up shining brightly. Yes, its bitterly cold out there today. I can't believe how its switches so quickly in just over a day and compare it from yesterday's weather where I was half-naked in bikini getting more sun tanned at the beach whereas today I have to wrapped warmly with about 3 layers. I guess the good weather is now past its best and is changing back to our normal chilly cold old days. Oh well, I guess I took advantage and enjoyed pretty much of the days where it was warm. I'm sure there are more coming in due course. Technorati Profile

Who's birthday is it next?

Why is it? When you are not looking anymore, it's when you find it? Been searching for this cake pops even before my daughter's birthday and my sons and only found it today. But I'm not sure the husband is up for a party on his birthday. If he ever will then I would have to order some cake pops for him. It is his birthday in couple months time. Although, its only us celebrating his birthday but I'm pretty sure the kids would love to have a special treat and cake pops are the only special sweets I can think about. Who can blame me? It's delicious! Technorati Profile

Looks like its Spring...

After all my moaning and complaining about Britain's weather, I must say lately the weather has been so lovely. I can definitely smell the spring coming our way. Or is it already here! Would you believe that we have our first beach dip in? Yeah, it's yesterday! I finally took the kids to the West Shore which is only 5 minutes away and oh it was such a beautiful afternoon. The kids enjoyed making sand castle, picking up sea shells, clams and etc...My little one was very brave to do under water. Yes, it is lovely here and today is no exception - so long it may continue. Technorati Profile

He need to quit!!

With our non-stop barking in the house (coughing) I suggested to hubby that perhaps its about time for him to give up his only vice, smoking. But, I'm not sure showing him these cigars samplers will help? Or how cigars is different to cigarettes? So dumb of me huh? Oh well, I thought by encouraging him more to smoking will eventually lead him to stop. I'm not sure where this idea came - from nowhere - or shall I admit I'm bored of telling him to stop smoking. Since we got married I was never a fan of his vice. How can I stop him? Any suggestion? Technorati Profile

Time goes by..

Whew! Haven't really paid attention of the time and blimey, its already 17:20 and haven't done anything this afternoon apart from writing one task. Time goes by, doesn't it? Anyway, 1 down and 11 more to go - this doesn't sound like a great deal though but perhaps a good start. Yes, looks like I'm getting my blogging mojo back. I so needed some extra additional cash to send a little something to my niece and nephew who are about to graduate grade schools in a couple weeks time. I hope, I can do it though - I really need some motivation and ideas. Help me please!!! Technorati Profile

Looking for my fave Knife..

All this time I am still looking and digging every boxes for my utility knife and I'm so getting annoyed by it. It's a must have in my kitchen - can't live without it. I pretty dug in all the boxes and I really don't want to buy anymore. I don't think I can find something like it. Its the sharpest knife in the world and I have used it for many years already. Once I settled for a stuff it is very hard to replace it. Oh well, I'll keep my fingers cross for the remaining boxes unpacked. Technorati Profile

Waiting for the builders...

Finally moved but not so settled yet maybe one of this days. For now, I am in the midst of unpacking boxes - its becoming my regular routine everyday. Plus, the builders haven't really finish the entire house so this make it more difficult to arrange stuff because couple of the rooms downstairs are undone. Living room and dining room are the main rooms for our stuff and all that is still in boxes piled up downstairs and its very frustrating to look at and can't really do anything until the both said rooms are totally ready. Fingers cross for the builders to come back!! Technorati Profile