Saturday, 28 January 2012

Other blog updates..

Updated my motherhood blog last week and so glad what I came out with the header. Check it out!


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Big feet - tall butt...

One of the reason we are going out is to find a wider shoes for my 6 year old. He seems to have a wider feet compare to his big sister and little brother. Definitely got it from me, poor boy! Luckily, there are wide shoes for men - it'll certainly make things a lot easier. Besides a wider feet, it is also longer and I bet he is going to be as tall as his Daddy in the future. Ah, makes me happy of course. It is one thing that every Mother dream of - to have a son or kids that grows taller than them. Well, I have a stumpy butt so, it will be nice to see my kids grow tall. Bigger feet shows it all!

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Off we go...

I got really annoyed with the hubby this morning and partly was my fault but hated to admit it. After breakfast I went upstairs straight away leaving no words but grief to him. He came after me within 10 minutes apologising although he wasn't his fault. PMT it is for sure. But, to make the story short, we made-up and now is heading off for a little shop. I shall see you back this evening. Ciao ;-)

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sticking to the budget...

The bucket list of things we need when we move is endless. Just added suv bike racks to it and more. Oh, have to really stick to the budget this time so we'll survive longer, lol. I have decided to stop any impulse buying and stick to what we need first - food, schools and house bills only no clothing as we have plenty. And so far so good! So, long it may continue.
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Apps are awesome

Who's your favourite artist? I love Katy Perry lately - her songs are fun, lol. I just recently listen to her music via my daughter's iphone as she likes her and started downloading her music via apps. Just a fireworks, lol. Anyway, this apps thing is so freaking addicting, I can spend hours on it. I'm trying to distract away myself from it, don't you worry. But if you happen to bump in and I don't notice you then you'll know why, lol.

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My kids love music

My 6 yr old has been bugging me about how he wants to join the recorder club. But, the problem is, it has been full since the first term, I don't know what to do. I can't drive to take them to the place where there is one. I really like them to develop their music ability. My daughter loves playing piano and she self-taught herself and to be fair, she's learnt a lot in the past couple months and was able to play at the school concert last month. The other thing she likes is singing. Oh, it would be really nice for them 2 to learn guitars as my son shows interest since he started playgroup. Oh, I would love them to have all that chance to experience and learn. But everything has to wait till we move...

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Winter is definitely here...

I spoke too soon in regards to our weather here in Southeast, well generally the entire UK. Who can blame me? Honestly, the autumn was warmer compare to our summer and I kind of enjoyed it until this past couple weeks it suddenly turn horrible - cold and gray. Winter must be here! I thought we were lucky this year for the weather but hey, how wrong was I? I just have to accept that for my entire life I'll have this miserable winter. Oh well...
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Holiday presents...

How time flies - holiday its not only over but the first month of the year is almost over too. I bet everyone had a great christmas gifts from their love ones as well as from Santa. Because me, I only didn't get one, two, three but many great presents, I tell you. Plus, my birthday presents so, I am showered with tons of new stuff that I really want - thanks to my beloved family, I'm so blessed. Okay, I wish everyone a good day and stay safe and warm.
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Will get back to it...

I so missed digital scrapping and today while browsing my old pics and layout I suddenly have an urge to scrap again. Oh well, now that I have all the time in the world I might start looking for inspirations again. Maybe browse all through my favourite digi shops and galleries. Yes, a little distraction in between chores is not bad.
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