Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Cup of Tea...

It's not the coldest month yet but it feels like it is already with the current temperature. It's below freezing I know plus a mixed of very strong winds equals to minus degrees celcius. Luckily, I have selections of teas to keep me warm while snuggling up in the sofa watching television or blogging all day. Yes, I am this idle during winter season and you can't blame me right? Who would want to get up and do things in this horrible and miserable weather? Oh well, unless it is neccessary like grocery shopping and oh it is a must as I love stocking up foods especially this season because day-to-day shopping isn't ideal for saving and for this weather. Oh, talking about shopping, I might try buying this tazo chai tea now. Like I said, I love having a cup of tea every now and then and it is perfect for winter season. I have selections and I want more and looks like this new organic Tazo that I've found is my cup of tea :)
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