Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pinoy's are ahead of the game..

One of the common thing you'll see in Philippines are people playing different music instrument. Filipinos are music minded and weather they have good or bad vocals they will never hesitate singing out loud. Guitars are best used with Filipinos among other instrument its because it can be bought locally with a local prices too. Cebu are known as the best guitar-maker. Any Filipinos would cross from another island just to buy guitars from this City. If you happen to be in any city at Philippines, one of the popular entertainment are band musics. I noticed how trendy Pinoy's are for always getting the top instruments available in the market. While at Cebu I've seen a band group using the best ableton live suite from guitar center during my last night. I was like, Pinoy's are never behind with all the latest in fact, we are more advance and hi-tech compare to other countries. It is becoming an attitude to embraced whatever's new - be it fashion, music or gadgets. 

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