Friday, 23 November 2012

Not enough presents

Yes, I have not seen all the places I plan to see back in Cebu nor seen any of my old friends but that's because 2 weeks has gone too quick and before I knew it I was already in my last day. Catching up my family after 6 years required more days. So, I opted to just give them all my time this time and hopefully by my next trip I can make-up to my friends. Anyway, I have finally met all my nieces and nephews that were born after my last visit on 2006 and oh, how cuties they were. Presents I brought was not enough should have bought more douglas plush but I really didn't realised until I got there. Never mind, they were just happy to have received chocolates. Also, flush toys would have been better for them to cuddle it during bedtimes. Oh well, I can still send it via package as I already thought of sending one soon.

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