Saturday, 3 November 2012

Looking for an upgrade

Laptops and PC are still the best after all. Compare to any tablets available today, I still prefer to used the ordinary way of browsing internet. The bigger screen the better. For my blogging, online shopping, watching  shows, news, media entertainment still nothing beats PC and laptops. I find tablets too fiddly so yes this is final would never swap it for any tablet no matter how cheap and affordable they can be. To be honest, laptops are way a better deal and worth buying. Yes, I have IPAD but it useless when it comes to my blogging, I still need to wait to get back home to be able to do my online blogging and hopping. Oh well, my kids had more pleasure using my tablet than me. So I let them be as I have more pleasure using my laptop. From now on, I stick to it and having said that I am looking to upgrade. I fancy this Samsung 15.6 Inch Series 3 500GB 2.3GHz Laptop. I'll have a look at it tomorrow at Comet. Since the store is shutting down, I might be able to get it there a little bit more cheaper. Yay, I can't wait :) Macbook, a little too expensive and again, it's apple and as much as I desire for one, I refuse to contribute more to Apple's staggering success. Unless they will give me a commission, huh. Oh , before you jump into conclusion, all my apple gadgets I got it for free ;)

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