Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pinoy's are ahead of the game..

One of the common thing you'll see in Philippines are people playing different music instrument. Filipinos are music minded and weather they have good or bad vocals they will never hesitate singing out loud. Guitars are best used with Filipinos among other instrument its because it can be bought locally with a local prices too. Cebu are known as the best guitar-maker. Any Filipinos would cross from another island just to buy guitars from this City. If you happen to be in any city at Philippines, one of the popular entertainment are band musics. I noticed how trendy Pinoy's are for always getting the top instruments available in the market. While at Cebu I've seen a band group using the best ableton live suite from guitar center during my last night. I was like, Pinoy's are never behind with all the latest in fact, we are more advance and hi-tech compare to other countries. It is becoming an attitude to embraced whatever's new - be it fashion, music or gadgets. 

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SM MOA visits

Despite of my very short trip to Philippines I was able to spare time visiting Manila. Regardless of the cost, experiencing the cinematic places was worth every penny. Giving my family a chance to see a bit of Manila was a dream come true. As we know, Manila is the main business trader of Philippines and couple of day touring the city was just not enough. If given another chance in the future I would love to stay more than few days with my family and tour even further to all main attractions and places in the capital. Anyway,  I think I did well for taking my family there even with our very tight budget ;) - I'm just lucky my family appreciated every little thing given to them and never heard a single complaint, whatsoever. I miss them already and our Manila trip was a treasure to keeps. More pics to share later on...

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Not enough presents

Yes, I have not seen all the places I plan to see back in Cebu nor seen any of my old friends but that's because 2 weeks has gone too quick and before I knew it I was already in my last day. Catching up my family after 6 years required more days. So, I opted to just give them all my time this time and hopefully by my next trip I can make-up to my friends. Anyway, I have finally met all my nieces and nephews that were born after my last visit on 2006 and oh, how cuties they were. Presents I brought was not enough should have bought more douglas plush but I really didn't realised until I got there. Never mind, they were just happy to have received chocolates. Also, flush toys would have been better for them to cuddle it during bedtimes. Oh well, I can still send it via package as I already thought of sending one soon.

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Ayala Terraces

After 6 years, I finally visited my country (Philippines) and was able to see a bit of my city (Cebu) with my two weeks vacay. I can't believe how industrial is Cebu now. Tall and huge buildings erected to most places. that were so grassy green before. And oh, new malls, hotels, night entertainments as well as restaurants and house development. Despite with the recession Cebu's economy must have remained strong. An day visit to Ayala was not enough but at least I've seen the new addition to one of the biggest mall in the city. Yes, I think the terraces are cleverly done and definitely added assets to the area. Would have love to stroll around more but time was limited. Hopefully I can go back sooner or shorter than 6 years, lol.

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Shoei Helmet

Oh, these shoei helmets I fancy buying for my brothers but the thing is I have no time to wait for it. Maybe I'll let them see it first then we decide from there. I'm quite keen for them to wear helmets all the time because I want their safety and that can only obtain by wearing good made helmets like shoei. Another thing with this company is, they do fast shipping and it is for free as well as best price guarantee with all their helmets choices. So these helmets are sure made for all sorts of driver but most specifically to aggressive driver. This is every biker's dream helmets and I see why? I even fancy it for myself but the problem is, I don't ride a bike. None of us do, except for my brothers. I'm a little too scared now that I have my own family to worry if accident happens while riding bikes. But with especial quality made helmets like shoei, it assures a 70% for all bikers safety. Now, it is one of the factor to consider moving or buying Shoei helmets.

Looking for an upgrade

Laptops and PC are still the best after all. Compare to any tablets available today, I still prefer to used the ordinary way of browsing internet. The bigger screen the better. For my blogging, online shopping, watching  shows, news, media entertainment still nothing beats PC and laptops. I find tablets too fiddly so yes this is final would never swap it for any tablet no matter how cheap and affordable they can be. To be honest, laptops are way a better deal and worth buying. Yes, I have IPAD but it useless when it comes to my blogging, I still need to wait to get back home to be able to do my online blogging and hopping. Oh well, my kids had more pleasure using my tablet than me. So I let them be as I have more pleasure using my laptop. From now on, I stick to it and having said that I am looking to upgrade. I fancy this Samsung 15.6 Inch Series 3 500GB 2.3GHz Laptop. I'll have a look at it tomorrow at Comet. Since the store is shutting down, I might be able to get it there a little bit more cheaper. Yay, I can't wait :) Macbook, a little too expensive and again, it's apple and as much as I desire for one, I refuse to contribute more to Apple's staggering success. Unless they will give me a commission, huh. Oh , before you jump into conclusion, all my apple gadgets I got it for free ;)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

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