Friday, 12 October 2012

To whom it may concern:)


I'm neither maarte or a snob. So, don't call me one coz it's not me who choose to ignore. I'm quite friendly and I value good friendship but will never beg to any. You chose to stop just right there without any reason so I might as well put an end to it, right? Talking about ego, oh yes, I can also spare you a little. Simple as that!

Oh, one more thing, you called me a show-off? I wonder what you call yourself? If I am right, you call everyone a show-off, only when they are showing-off more than you can afford to. Geez, that's what we call, envy! Why not look at yourself in the mirror and ask? Who is the most envious off all? The one that is so demanding to her poor old wrinkly husband - to buy this, to buy that, just so you can show-off afterwards? Huh? With a matching pricing details pa? Nakks. Oh yes, don't start with me! Coz there is a tigress behind this smiling face too.

You can't just take it that someone else has a better lifestyle than you. Certainly! Oh please, grow-up! ----Bitch


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1 comment:

Rose said...

Whaaaaaaaahahaha kinsa man kontra dae Haze? Kapait kon insecure man kaau cya! Soooo sad but there are so many who acted just like that! :-)