Friday, 12 October 2012

Safety Wallmount

A safety wall mount is a must-have in every household to avoid accidents especially if there are young kids involve who can't seem to control their moves from time to time. Add to that, they tend to climb around to anything this age therefore a wall mounted televisions are practical and it makes a house a child-friendly home. Having said that, we have to install ours pretty soon before our televisions will get all damage from bashing and banging by my cheeky toddler. Anyway, a video wall would not only make a house safe but as well as transform it into neat and tidy home much more with this ultra slim kind of wall mounts. So, it will be one of our priority to do this week to be able to obtain a child-friendly home. 
Look? Admit it, it does look pretty tidy and cool, right? I love it and if I have to nag my husband to make him install our wall mount then I will until he will do it. This weekend is his last chance or I'll throw it away, haha.
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