Friday, 12 October 2012

Rare Kind

Honesty is a rare attitude to find nowadays, right? With the world's shaky economy, returning money or valuable belongings that is found by someone is the least thing he/she'll do. I never thought there are still good-heart people out there who seriously considering of returning stuff or property that aren't belong to them. Yes, it is rare but should not stop us from believing that there are still a lot of pretty decent people around. Imagine, how a Jeepney's conductor returned my niece her hundred peso note that she apparently dropped while taking an early hour public transport to the school? Unaware as she was that she already lost her school allowance and would have not afford her lunch later that day but luckily this young man came running after her just to return her allowance that he found back where she have sat at the Jeepney. A hundred peso is already huge amount to tempt people to keep it. It is worth enough for at least 2 kilos of rice. But despite of poverty this young man chose to be honest and shown the world that there is a better to gain blessings. Not by pocketing whatever his passengers have had left in the Jeepney. He believed that hard work, determination and perseverance are the key to obtain a better living as well as having a good heart and honesty towards others. Bless his cotton heart. May he'll be showered with good health all his life and his family so that he can carry on doing the right things. Who knows, one day he can be a role model and encourage people to do the same. Yes, I'm amazed...

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