Friday, 12 October 2012

Guitar wall mount

I have mentioned it here before, if not in my other blogs about how amazingly tidy and well-arranged holiday cottages has my friends in Deganwy that every stuff I see were all wall-mounted from the kitchen wares up to their games and music equipment. Hence, a guitar wall mount at musicians friend. Oh yes, they were that organised and it makes me wonder how they make money over this cold season. But I guess people are not only attracted to the wonderful views both mountains and sea but as well as the equipment that they are offering and providing with all their cottages. I see, there was even a set of drums, few guitars, violin, piano as well as trumpets. So, I guess musicians and other not so popular artist that come to the town and see my friend's cottages via online will get attracted to it straight away. I don't think there is any competition with their rented properties within the area at all. I haven't aware of such well and fully-equipped holiday accommodation in my life. Not to mention, the spacious rooms, well-beautified living room and a lovely kitchen work space. But the best selling point are the huge music and games room. It will attract families with young kids in tow as well as teenagers who are typically into latest music hits. My daughter definitely enjoyed her time playing the piano upstairs while the rest of us enjoyed chit-chatting and feasting down in the dining area. While she was playing piano and singing along, the boys were also busy drumming and playing the guitars. Oh that day was hilariously noisy with all the kids playing different music instrument. An ideal place to chill really.

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