Monday, 22 October 2012

How to look for Garage floor tiles

Looking for a perfect and quality garage floor tile? It shouldn't be difficult looking for the most affordable and yet durable then I suggest search on for floor junkies website and you'll have all the choices according to your preference. From sizes to prices as well as from colours to shapes. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential as they cater to both. If you look for sale and other special prices and promotions you surely will not only find the better choices but as well better for your pocket. With the lists of tiles shapes, materials and prices I think there is everything for everyone according to their taste and pockets. So, it is not a major pain in the head but an easy one or a piece of cake job. All you need to do is set your budget and the design you like then the rest should follow for your garage to completely transform into what you have dream all this time. Patience is always the virtue.

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Slut or not, that's their business

Just saw this pic from FB and oh how my dislikes and criticism it has just because of what they wear. People can they just mind their own business and grow-up? Their celebrity and they do and wear what their told to do and wear as part of their job. Well, I wouldn't agree it is an okay clothes for youngster to see but hey it's obviously a trick to entertain her fans rather than her singing, lol. But, Showbiz world eh? If your going to be in the showbiz you have to prefer the expected criticism and dislikes. Also, if you are a parents who happen to have a mixed kid and think that showbiz is the right career for her/him then prepare yourself to accept what immoral their clothes will be. Unless, you set a limit prior to your child's project. For Anne and Christine, to be able to stay famous and talked of the city then they have to do all sorts trick and obviously wearing less clothes is the way to keep-up with their showbiz status. After all, their not getting any younger ;)

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cell Line Identity Services

If you are looking for a good, comprehensive, highly informative STR systems for manual or automated cell line authentication  processing then I suggest you should check  online. To be able to find one that shows accurate result then searching for it is the way to be. Look around for the reliable cell line Identity services online. 

Anyway, so much for cell line authentication. Now, I want to share how I enjoyed my night with the ladies . We started at the Italian restaurant and have sumptuous dinner to scrumptious pudding. The bottle of wine was fantastic too so no wonder our bill was more than we expected to be. Then around half passed 10 we walked down to the club 147 and enjoyed the rest of night. But to our dismay the club was awfully crowded that we didn't enjoy as we used to so after finishing our drink we decided to call it a night and went home. I think we are getting older as we can't stand young rude people anymore. Oh well, we are not getting any younger after all. I'll definitely share the pictures in my photography blog soon. But if you are my facebook contact then you should see some that are posted and tagged by my friends. 

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A. Swarzennegger house turn to Museum

Last night, I have watched my favourite midnight entertainment 'Graham Norton' and there was Arnold Swarzennegger as his guest along with couple of British comedian's and Usher finished it off with his most popular single hit. One of the things I found out is Arnold's former family house where he grew up turned into  a Museum in Austria by his former school mates Peter something. Below are the photos of the Mr Universes turn Actor's old home along with couple of the rooms with his body building obsessions equipment. At the programmed last night they've shown his very own bedroom when he was teenager but couldn't find the pic online. So, if you happen to be living in Austria or visiting the country I suggest to put this Museum in your list s of places to see. 

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Guitar wall mount

I have mentioned it here before, if not in my other blogs about how amazingly tidy and well-arranged holiday cottages has my friends in Deganwy that every stuff I see were all wall-mounted from the kitchen wares up to their games and music equipment. Hence, a guitar wall mount at musicians friend. Oh yes, they were that organised and it makes me wonder how they make money over this cold season. But I guess people are not only attracted to the wonderful views both mountains and sea but as well as the equipment that they are offering and providing with all their cottages. I see, there was even a set of drums, few guitars, violin, piano as well as trumpets. So, I guess musicians and other not so popular artist that come to the town and see my friend's cottages via online will get attracted to it straight away. I don't think there is any competition with their rented properties within the area at all. I haven't aware of such well and fully-equipped holiday accommodation in my life. Not to mention, the spacious rooms, well-beautified living room and a lovely kitchen work space. But the best selling point are the huge music and games room. It will attract families with young kids in tow as well as teenagers who are typically into latest music hits. My daughter definitely enjoyed her time playing the piano upstairs while the rest of us enjoyed chit-chatting and feasting down in the dining area. While she was playing piano and singing along, the boys were also busy drumming and playing the guitars. Oh that day was hilariously noisy with all the kids playing different music instrument. An ideal place to chill really.

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To whom it may concern:)


I'm neither maarte or a snob. So, don't call me one coz it's not me who choose to ignore. I'm quite friendly and I value good friendship but will never beg to any. You chose to stop just right there without any reason so I might as well put an end to it, right? Talking about ego, oh yes, I can also spare you a little. Simple as that!

Oh, one more thing, you called me a show-off? I wonder what you call yourself? If I am right, you call everyone a show-off, only when they are showing-off more than you can afford to. Geez, that's what we call, envy! Why not look at yourself in the mirror and ask? Who is the most envious off all? The one that is so demanding to her poor old wrinkly husband - to buy this, to buy that, just so you can show-off afterwards? Huh? With a matching pricing details pa? Nakks. Oh yes, don't start with me! Coz there is a tigress behind this smiling face too.

You can't just take it that someone else has a better lifestyle than you. Certainly! Oh please, grow-up! ----Bitch


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Cigar Auctions here

The most celebrated holiday season is fast approaching and if I know many of you already listed things to get for each of your love ones and family. In some ways, most of you must have thought of giving cigars to one of your best friends Dad, your Father in-law, to your Dad or perhaps to your husband. Have you come across with cigar auction? If not then, I suggest you check it out as it where you can usually bid for cheaper yet high quality boxes of cigars that will stand out among others. And do you know that you can even pick among of your favourite flavour? Be it a sweet-note of spice or a taste of caramel finish. Yes, you can definitely spoiled your love ones into one of these indulging cigars. This is when saving money become so easy with this quite affordable assortments of quality cigars you can choose from as well as lighters and humidors. 

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Rare Kind

Honesty is a rare attitude to find nowadays, right? With the world's shaky economy, returning money or valuable belongings that is found by someone is the least thing he/she'll do. I never thought there are still good-heart people out there who seriously considering of returning stuff or property that aren't belong to them. Yes, it is rare but should not stop us from believing that there are still a lot of pretty decent people around. Imagine, how a Jeepney's conductor returned my niece her hundred peso note that she apparently dropped while taking an early hour public transport to the school? Unaware as she was that she already lost her school allowance and would have not afford her lunch later that day but luckily this young man came running after her just to return her allowance that he found back where she have sat at the Jeepney. A hundred peso is already huge amount to tempt people to keep it. It is worth enough for at least 2 kilos of rice. But despite of poverty this young man chose to be honest and shown the world that there is a better to gain blessings. Not by pocketing whatever his passengers have had left in the Jeepney. He believed that hard work, determination and perseverance are the key to obtain a better living as well as having a good heart and honesty towards others. Bless his cotton heart. May he'll be showered with good health all his life and his family so that he can carry on doing the right things. Who knows, one day he can be a role model and encourage people to do the same. Yes, I'm amazed...

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Safety Wallmount

A safety wall mount is a must-have in every household to avoid accidents especially if there are young kids involve who can't seem to control their moves from time to time. Add to that, they tend to climb around to anything this age therefore a wall mounted televisions are practical and it makes a house a child-friendly home. Having said that, we have to install ours pretty soon before our televisions will get all damage from bashing and banging by my cheeky toddler. Anyway, a video wall would not only make a house safe but as well as transform it into neat and tidy home much more with this ultra slim kind of wall mounts. So, it will be one of our priority to do this week to be able to obtain a child-friendly home. 
Look? Admit it, it does look pretty tidy and cool, right? I love it and if I have to nag my husband to make him install our wall mount then I will until he will do it. This weekend is his last chance or I'll throw it away, haha.
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Might be our next car...

Me and my husband decided it's about time to change our car. We kinda needed a bigger and spacious transport this time at least 7 seats. We found the perfect and quite economical car that ticks all the boxes, price and space wise. We are aiming to see one this weekend and if all goes well we might be driving it back home. Nowadays, practical cars come so handy especially when looking for a car that has a good fuel consumption. With our past cars, we really didn't think about the petrol until lately when the economy became worst. So, we are left with no option but to be practical and get the low fuel usage car as well as a family friendly one. So, Dodge Journey seems to have all that factors. So, if ever we decided that it is still the right family car for us after seeing it in flesh, then I shall proudly share the news quite soon.
The Dodge Journey is a compact five- or seven-passenger crossover vehicle in the same size and price class as vehicles like the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4. 

might replace this gadget to a sat nav..

the boot after 7 seats

without 7 seats, quite spacious right? Good storage for all the children blings within the journey...
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