Friday, 21 September 2012

Why do Policemen used horses?

Apparently it is more controllable than a car as well as easy to run after robbers and other violent people. It is even better in the small narrow road and streets where car's struggles to get in. Not only that, horses are a lot taller so Policemen can easily look up far beyond what a car can see. Horses are just like dogs when it comes to helping law enforcement perform their job better. That is why such animals has been used in patrolling crimes for centuries as it is known as the fastest and surest form of transportation the policemen can have for many years specifically for rural and metropolitan areas. Anyway, I took this picture as part of our London 2012 Olympic park experienced. I was with the family and friends on the 30th of August. And yes, I was just as fascinated as other people in the village upon seeing policemen on horses. 

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