Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Towing Solution

I noticed the numbers of caravan holiday and mobile homes are creeping up these days. It's economically friendly after all. Cheap to run and you can move around from one places to another at anytime. When we were on the road to South last weekend, I noticed few of them wiggling along the road driving faster than they should. Should they be at least knows their speed limit to avoid such accident? Or perhaps invest into a really good gooseneck trailer hitch that will safely and securely pull the weight. Then, it is less likely to create that rather unsettling wiggles. They might not aware of it but it can be a little dangerous to the motorist behind them or beside their lanes. To own such, one must know the rules and the safety precautions on the road. I should think they knows but just being stubborn enough to ignore the fact. Oh well...

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