Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mirror Television for a fancy household

How do you like having a mirror television in the comfort of your own home? If you can afford it then why not? It is basically saving your space but not money of course as it cost fortune. Now, we're talking. You have to be loaded enough to piss away your money to this sort of gadget. We are only talking about in the region of £3000 from a small screen? Oh yeah? I'm afraid it's beyond our wildest dream - but still it's nice to dream. Oh well, you could probably find something cheaper however, installing this gadget will add up to your cost. But isn't it cool? Such thing would look so much neater in any household.

It's a mirror when you don't use it, obviously, haha.

We fancy it but who don't? 

You can even have any frame of your choice. Ah, talking about high-tech, eh?
P.S. Not my photos just took them from the mirror television website.
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texas_sweetie said...

kuyawa naba gid ani oi.. haha maayo unta makit an ning manoy naku para palit siya 3 yrs from now, pero murag di jud ni mabutang sa bedroom kay big no no kaayo ang t.v sa bedroom jud...