Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gran jigsaw's marathon

  In our short summer get-away, one of our aim was to visit Granny in Devon. And we did, year after year. At 97 yrs old, (soon to be 98) I think she is doing pretty well keeping herself up and still living on her own at her 3 bedroom bungalow house. One thing that keep her entertain daily are jigsaws. I have never seen any best selection of jigsaw puzzles until I've been into her place. Apparently, it is her favourite since little and until now that fave remained even to her old age. I guess it's the only thing that kept her sanity in place. I'm really impressed of how she still managed to live alone. Though, us, her family often pay her a visit from time to time to make sure she is okay. Mind you, she is also have these 2 ladies coming every morning and evening to do her meals, washing, cleaning and all that. Anyway, our last visit, like couple weeks ago, she just started on her new 1000 pieces jigsaws. Imagine that? She can apparently complete 4-5 jigsaws in a day. Oh my, I don't know where she gets all that patience. Do you like puzzles or jigsaws? How many pieces have you tried so far? Technorati Profile

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