Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fast track Pro Mobile USB

With my coming trip soon, I think it's best to take with me this fast track pro mobile USB as a gifts alternative for the big occasion I am attending in case I don't find any other ideas. Who knows, maybe these couple are looking for a good entry point into recording multi-track songs. If that's the case then I'll have the best gifts to give to them that they could ever wish for.  Yes, with all the good toys like Midi keyboards and drums, this is the way to go and certainly a great product for the price too. So, I guess I will inquire further about this cool fast track Pro before I commit to buy. Ah, so glad to have bumped in to this. The joy of internet browsing, right. I even fancy one for myself. The husband and kids will definitely not disagree. I can already see their faces if ever I'll surprised them with this PRO mobile USB. Well, something I could think of buying for a family Christmas present, I suppose. Too early to even thing about it, right? Sorry, I'm that advance if given a chance, haha.

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jheylo said...

this is fancy gadget and technology. but make sure don't surf on the internet while driving hehehhe. unless you are the passenger.