Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Why and why not Apple?

'Apple is the most valuable firm' - surprised, surprised! Imagine how the gadget/technology dominates the world? Everywhere I go, all I see is people fiddling each of their apple handset, mac laptops and such. So, it's no wonder that it is the most valuable firm again. It's desirable, simple as that! It's everyone's dream to have the complete apple gadgets from mobile phones, PC, notebooks and etc...Not only that, they're always bringing and introducing something new and even better year after year. Thanks to whoever behind this desirable technology for always brewing new ideas. I, on the other hand like the concept of trying something new. I don't necessarily agree to be that loyal to one brand. Yes, you get what you pay for and knowing how much they charge you for each of their gadgets? You can actually get something similar and less what you pay for the apple. That if, you are practical. Logically, it works just as the same. But, we are keeping an image to be cool and trendy, right? I know how everyone's little mind's works. Competitiveness can leads us to spend more than we can afford. Who hasn't got an apple gadget? I only just got an iphone 3gs last year and the reason why we got it, is because it was the cheapest available for our budget. We  thought for £13 a month in a 2 years contract was the best deal we find. So, we grabbed the chance. For me, it useless to get the latest as it will eventually drop down its value in a year time or so...and all I need is simply a phone that my family or friends can contact me anytime. When it comes to gadget I'm practical. Though I would love a tablet but no particular brand either, it can be any as long as it works well.

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texas_sweetie said...

ka nindot ba ani niya modala ug suwat oi. i agree with u jud gats same with manoy, nganu daw mo gasto ug daku sa mga butang nga naay uban brands mao rang buhata.

ako sa ako bahin bisan unsa ra jud basta maka gamit ug basic nga ato gikinahanglan. amo mga cellphones gali dri kay ka manoy 5 yrs old akoa mag 3 yrs old najud ni haha louya wa jud intawn nakatagad. pero cge ra basta naa lang koy computer jud kay saon nalang ang blogging ug FB...