Monday, 6 August 2012

The ipad is just fabulous!

  With many choice of tablets available at the moment it can be hard to choose what is best, but I honestly think that the new I pad is still leading of all. There may me tablets with faster processors or more connectivity but just turn on a new I pad and the Retina display will get you hooked straight away,its easy to use, the battery lasts longer (10 hours) than the I pad 2,its much quicker,especially on the web were browsing is seamless. If you are going to buy a tablet then dont waste your money on cheaper imitations, go for the real thing you will not be disappointed with. Upon seeing it from a friend who've just recently purchased one, looks like I'm heading that way too. Wishing for an upgrade with a hope that JL accept vouchers as husband got loads. Fingers cross!

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Redruby said...

can't afford pa man ko anang ipad guapz uy..haha..