Monday, 6 August 2012

Is there a Rugby World Cup next year?

I'm confused whether there is really the Rugby world cup next year or not. I have it in mind that England & Wales are hosting it. So, I've search online and really found a site that offers season tickets for that coming events. If so, I might discuss it to my behalf so we could plan on buying our tickets earlier to avoid disappointment just like the Olympics and Paralympics. Anyway, if you have idea regarding Rugby World cup 2013, please give me a shout so I'll know better. Only because, there are some talked about the RWC 2015 as well and apparently held in Africa, but how come? If there is one next year then the next one shouldn't be until 2017 as it only happens once in 4 years. Oh well, I better search about it, I'm intrigued! Technorati Profile

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