Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Magnificent Ending for London Olympic 2012

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       Not all people were please and happy or proud with the London 2012 closing ceremony or to the extent within the entire summer sporting events. Some compared it to how China's opening and closing ceremony 4 years ago? And some even have the guts to mention that it is full of cheats? While other's was unhappy of the millions spent over it and could have feed billions of hungry children all over the world. Haller?

        But here's all I can say, I was very proud and happy of what have the British did. They couldn't made us more proud to be one. China and Britain are completely two different countries and have different sets of ideas, themes, culture and mechanics. The Britain did it in a British way and China done it in their own way. It's incomparable! And how can one say that money could have spent in a better way? These people are just clueless. Obviously they don't know that these countries, Great Britain and USA were the top contributors to charities all over the world? And surely some of the Olympics revenues goes to it. We do all sorts or fundraising organisations that includes Red Nose day and Children in need and usually raised millions of pounds and donated it to any of our chosen country but most of it to the needy in Africa. My gosh! I suggest they should research before opening their mouth.

        Anyway, the London Olympics has ended with a spectacular closing ceremony full of British greatest musics, fashions and culture. It was truly captivating, magnificent and unique that will certainly inspires for more generations to come. It's a remarkable history that will be treasured forever. Proud to be British! Oh, lets not forget to support as much for the Paralympics in just more than 2 weeks time.

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genny said...

i have watched the closing ceremony and it was a memorable one. lots of stars performing, and you are right, it was a magnificent closing ceremony.
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