Thursday, 23 August 2012

Disk Defrag needed

Lately, my computer is running very slow. And, to think that I've had this for over 4 years only. I'm still hoping that it only need a little tweaking and twisting because buying a new one is the last thing I want to do. I could do a year without having to spend in a gadget. Disk defrag is definitely recommended, in this case. And see how it works afterwards. Most likely, I have some files drifted in places that caused all this slow running computer. The thing is, all this files shifted apart into places in the hard drive causes the PC running slow. Oh well, that is hubby's job as I don't know how to fiddle my computer when it comes to technical problem. I always rely on him for this matter even anti-virus installing, to the extent. So glad I have married a handy man, he's all-in-one, you know? From DIY to technical sorting out, he can do it all just as great as PRO. Surely, his job next weekend after we come back from our family mini-vacay.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Why and why not Apple?

'Apple is the most valuable firm' - surprised, surprised! Imagine how the gadget/technology dominates the world? Everywhere I go, all I see is people fiddling each of their apple handset, mac laptops and such. So, it's no wonder that it is the most valuable firm again. It's desirable, simple as that! It's everyone's dream to have the complete apple gadgets from mobile phones, PC, notebooks and etc...Not only that, they're always bringing and introducing something new and even better year after year. Thanks to whoever behind this desirable technology for always brewing new ideas. I, on the other hand like the concept of trying something new. I don't necessarily agree to be that loyal to one brand. Yes, you get what you pay for and knowing how much they charge you for each of their gadgets? You can actually get something similar and less what you pay for the apple. That if, you are practical. Logically, it works just as the same. But, we are keeping an image to be cool and trendy, right? I know how everyone's little mind's works. Competitiveness can leads us to spend more than we can afford. Who hasn't got an apple gadget? I only just got an iphone 3gs last year and the reason why we got it, is because it was the cheapest available for our budget. We  thought for £13 a month in a 2 years contract was the best deal we find. So, we grabbed the chance. For me, it useless to get the latest as it will eventually drop down its value in a year time or so...and all I need is simply a phone that my family or friends can contact me anytime. When it comes to gadget I'm practical. Though I would love a tablet but no particular brand either, it can be any as long as it works well.

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Ach Rules and Regulations

This came out from nowhere but I interestingly stumble across to it and thought it's quite a good information to know so I decided to read through about ach rules and regulations. I guess one must know about this guidelines as it is promisingly helpful. This is the sort of thing that one must read and find out to be aware of any financial circumstances in the future. Anyway, I have to dig down deeper about this article and find out more myself too. So, if you are clicking through the link make sure you read all through the article. It's definitely a helpful guidelines to all. Certain knowledge can always go a long way.

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Director T. Scott ended his life...

A well known director, a greatest film maker ended his life by jumping in Los Angeles bridge. Why oh why? I'll name one of his many great films he directed is 'TOP GUN' - it's one of my all-time favourite film, lead by Tom Cruise. Everyone must have seen it, right?

    I'm distraught as well as shocked and saddened to know when someone's life ended like this. But there is always a reason behind it all. We can't judge people who chose to end their life just right there. And no one's in control either. All we can do is pray for their soul and for their love ones piece of mind.  Indeed, a great loss to showbiz industry. His legacy will always be remembered by billions of people around the world. It is believed that he has an inoperable brain cancer so, he rush to end his life by jumping off the bridge. He obviously didn't want his family to suffer and to the extent, himself due to his illness. We could only hope nothing more but a strength to the love ones left behind, enough to cope his tragic loss. 
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Thursday, 16 August 2012

I so fancy home-brewing...

Checked out some fermenter online to see if there is any good deal that I can possibly afford. But I am surprised of the wide selection to choose from. This just made my online searching easy. Soon, I'll be able to feed my fancy like having to try brewing at home as it has been in my list for quite a while and now looks like it's the perfect time to considered the thoughts. I'll just have to think how big do I need to get, either a gallon or more? Decision, decision, decision! Ah, maybe it is best to wait for my better behalf view and that will be in the morning because right he is deep asleep. At the moment, all I can hear is his loud snore. Don't worry, I'll keep you all posted . For now let me share you my first option; it's the picture below that I consider getting but I have to see whether hubby agrees with me.


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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Magnificent Ending for London Olympic 2012

Heart it

       Not all people were please and happy or proud with the London 2012 closing ceremony or to the extent within the entire summer sporting events. Some compared it to how China's opening and closing ceremony 4 years ago? And some even have the guts to mention that it is full of cheats? While other's was unhappy of the millions spent over it and could have feed billions of hungry children all over the world. Haller?

        But here's all I can say, I was very proud and happy of what have the British did. They couldn't made us more proud to be one. China and Britain are completely two different countries and have different sets of ideas, themes, culture and mechanics. The Britain did it in a British way and China done it in their own way. It's incomparable! And how can one say that money could have spent in a better way? These people are just clueless. Obviously they don't know that these countries, Great Britain and USA were the top contributors to charities all over the world? And surely some of the Olympics revenues goes to it. We do all sorts or fundraising organisations that includes Red Nose day and Children in need and usually raised millions of pounds and donated it to any of our chosen country but most of it to the needy in Africa. My gosh! I suggest they should research before opening their mouth.

        Anyway, the London Olympics has ended with a spectacular closing ceremony full of British greatest musics, fashions and culture. It was truly captivating, magnificent and unique that will certainly inspires for more generations to come. It's a remarkable history that will be treasured forever. Proud to be British! Oh, lets not forget to support as much for the Paralympics in just more than 2 weeks time.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

My fear and hope...

   Corruption and mismanagement caused millions of hungered children not only in India but to many other countries too. I hate to see kids in pain, malnourished and abused,  it's truly heartbreaking. Why there are such selfish people who thinks that pocketing all the donations (just so they can get rich and be powerful) are acceptable. Then, whoever do such dirty business are the one who have guts to stand out in the crowd of people and preached or make public statement and promises, (which are all lies, btw) like they are somehow a Saint? As if no one knows behind all that angelic but fake smile are their true stinky, humiliating, shameful colours.

   Oh why such hypocrite human being exist in this world? Not a hard question to answer is it? I know right? Still we asked. Selfishness pushed people to do so! Simple as that. Others may take/give bribes for silence and such crimes goes on. If people have decency, integrity and Faith in God then they wouldn't do such thing no matter how little they may have.

   Yes, I'm utterly heartbroken after watching this matter came on scene at BBC world news tonight.  It's terrible to see about one of many children in India that suffered a chronic malnourished disease and are dying  due to corruption. Food and clothes donation that are meant for those needy families didn't really reach to them. Why? It's because of those heartless evil Politicians and other group leaders who misdeal with this matter and mishandling charities and other organisations. Surely, they kept it all for themselves. Ah, my hope is oozing away for this world to be a better place to live. So, I fear and worry for the generations to come yet. But I should fear less for God will always find a way! It's my biggest prayer!

Monday, 6 August 2012

The ipad is just fabulous!

  With many choice of tablets available at the moment it can be hard to choose what is best, but I honestly think that the new I pad is still leading of all. There may me tablets with faster processors or more connectivity but just turn on a new I pad and the Retina display will get you hooked straight away,its easy to use, the battery lasts longer (10 hours) than the I pad 2,its much quicker,especially on the web were browsing is seamless. If you are going to buy a tablet then dont waste your money on cheaper imitations, go for the real thing you will not be disappointed with. Upon seeing it from a friend who've just recently purchased one, looks like I'm heading that way too. Wishing for an upgrade with a hope that JL accept vouchers as husband got loads. Fingers cross!

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When Advance tech dominates the world...

Gadgets these days are unbelievable, they keep launching one after another specially the musical gadgets. Imagine, you can now play guitar on iphone, what a cool apps, huh? I bet this would make so popular to teenagers. I can only imagine how it will shoot up and rise in a months time. Well, how many downloads it gets. Let's face it, we are in the stage where advance technology is dominating the world. But, apps like this I have no problem with as it helps the kids into getting interested in the music or in short, it's educational. My kids has this apps where they can play piano in iphone. Can't get any cooler than that! Plus, it's a handy entertainment. Technorati Profile

Is there a Rugby World Cup next year?

I'm confused whether there is really the Rugby world cup next year or not. I have it in mind that England & Wales are hosting it. So, I've search online and really found a site that offers season tickets for that coming events. If so, I might discuss it to my behalf so we could plan on buying our tickets earlier to avoid disappointment just like the Olympics and Paralympics. Anyway, if you have idea regarding Rugby World cup 2013, please give me a shout so I'll know better. Only because, there are some talked about the RWC 2015 as well and apparently held in Africa, but how come? If there is one next year then the next one shouldn't be until 2017 as it only happens once in 4 years. Oh well, I better search about it, I'm intrigued! Technorati Profile

For any classroom Equipment...

Time is fast and before we know it it'll be back to school again. Oh after all 8 weeks are just short. Talking about back-to-school, I bet many have already panic and are buying school supplies this early. No doubt, majority of the schools/institution goes to virco furniture for it is the best discount school furniture specialist and online suppliers that offers various of classroom equipment. Ah, as for me, I won't be doing any back-to-school shopping until the end of this month. It will be a last minute panic, haha.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

China currently takes the lead...

the biggest summer Olympic medals to date
  But not long from now until the USA will takes the lead, only few silver medal to win and maybe a gold to be a head count from China. Here's the link where you can check the latest summer Olympic medal table counter at BBC.COM. Though USA got more medals but the higher medals that counts. The countries that wins most gold will always takes the lead. You can also find out more in what sports these leading countries won the the most medals. USA, wins most of their gold medals from swimming. No doubt that they are the best swimmers in the world. Hmmm, I wonder why? Anyway, I'm proud that team GB is ranking #5 so far and hope they can keep it up. Mind you, United Kingdom of Great Britain is only as big as one state of USA. So, by being in the top 10 medalists among 204 countries is good enough. Well done China, USA and team GB!! Technorati Profile

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Advantage of Loyalty Card

         We all know how convenient and handy a membership cards are, right? I have pretty much joined and registered all the loyalty/membership cards that existed on this earth. My wallet are filled with different manufacturer loyalty cards. And, I must say, it helped me save money here and there through coupons and special promotions. Especially, when you love a brand and loyal to them it is always worth applying for a membership as it gives you that special privilege to access any of their monthly promotions/offers and discounted stuff often,  if not regularly. It is a great help, I tell you. So, never doubt of it, apply as many and enjoy all the compliments rewards they'll send you month after month.

Ladies Night Out (28/July/2012)

Had my first ladies night outing last weekend and I forgot how fun it is to have that special ladies night once in a while - be totally loose and crazy. I feel revived and felt like a human again, haha. We have all the best of time dancing the night away. I'm really glad to have meet these ladies.

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