Thursday, 12 July 2012

Not a gadget man...

We have been visited by quite a bunch of friends and family since we've move. We felt so blessed and happy. But the funniest one was when my Father in-law came to visit us and that was few weeks ago. He got lost and drove around for hours and couldn't find our house. He was getting a little annoyed for he wasn't able to find our house number and since it's been written also in a small letters, it would be so impossible for him to see. Though, we stressed that if he get one of these fleet gps he wouldn't have got lost. Why on earth high-tech don't seem to sink in with him? Well, he just can't help himself, he simply hates gadgets. Even he don't consider having a mobile phone. It seems strange, it would make his life a lot easier. Technorati Profile

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