Thursday, 12 July 2012

The new Soap I'm addicted too...

I have started to watched few Filipino TV soap online and kind of stopped somewhere in the middle because of so many twisting around the story plot which makes it more annoying and leave the viewers bored and no choice but to stop watching it. It's what I do all the time, I can't stand twisting around too much with the script. Some scenes are exciting and somewhere in the middle are completely boring and out of the story plot. But, I have finished one already which is from the Channel 7 entitled 'Broken Vow' in which I thought the story was straight to the point and really was a pleasure to watched it through the end. And lately, I'm getting engrossed with this new 'Kapuso love story soap entitled ' Kasalanan bang Ibigan Ka' starred by Michael de Mesa, Jacky Rice and Geoff Eigenman. It's a well-written script and believable though another heavy drama that always end up me in tears every episode and which we all like, right? It's a good lung exercise, haha. Technorati Profile

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