Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Music lesson this coming school term...

We just got a letter from the kids school and its all about the school activities time table that are available to grab. Most of it are not free especially the music lessons. Among the choices are; recorder, flute, violin, guitar, drum, piano and many more. We know what our daughter really wants and this time we make sure she get a place for it. It'll be costly but she's worth it. We are not sure what our 6 yo would want to learn. Drum would be the best bet but I think he is likely to go for guitar as it's what most of his friends joined in. Oh, talking about musical things, we kinda need to get a new amplifier parts real soon. Something is wrong with our one down in living room and hubby sound so certain of what it is that need replacing. So, he'll be shopping for it sometime this week. Technorati Profile


Redruby said...

music lesson..yay..interested jud ko ana dae haze pero di ko ka afford..yay!

cassandrasminicorner said...

That is so cool! She will surely have the fun learning how to play her favorite music instrument:)

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