Wednesday, 18 July 2012

just a dream business

If money wasn't an issue, I probably have started my dream business back home. Investing into properties and private transportation is what I am dreaming for many years now. It will be a good business once you have all the financial needed of course. Hubby and I agreed that one day we will make it come true. But that won't be until the kids finish their schooling. For now, our priorities are set on them and nothing else. Mind you, we will soon be having 3 school kids and that will definitely make us tighter even more. But we have our life here in Britain and so are the kids. We can't be more fortunate to have all our basic needs (food,shelter and clothing) and that's the important thing. Therefore, all that business plan back in my homeland can always wait for the right time. It's free to dream! For now, I'm afraid it will stay like that, just a dream and maybe for quite a long time unless of course I will win the lottery. But couldn't bank on it because I've never gamble and didn't plan to start. Technorati Profile

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